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April 2017

No Strings Attached… Or Wires

You can’t stop heartbreak when it happens, it happens, angels can be recalled, the sun and the moon fall only to rise again, but what about bombs? You can’t stop those when their falling, much like you can’t stop lovers. No Strings Attached… Or Wires

Blame Atom

Well I have to blame something or someone, but seeing as how all my loves have been one sided, should I blame the stars, those pedestals I keep building, my biology, or how I imagine some girl falling for me. Blame Atom or my own eyes.

Digging That L-Bomb

Am I running from love… no but I’m in the dark, I’m alone, and the way love looks to me, the things I want to do; I’d ruin her I think, no girl could possibly go so low. Digging That L-Bomb… love changes us; I can imagine what my world would be like.

Higher Than High Heels

Exhaustion… a bit of fun with my “Fleshlight” and there I am looking up at the ceiling wishing I wasn’t alone; if I had a girl would I have anything left to wish for. Higher Than High Heels… part of today’s fantasy was a girl in high heels.

Hi Explosives

Guys should have confidence right… money, cars, clothes but when it comes to me; I’m invisible. So what if she sees me but if she were mine, if you were; every eye on you but you on my arm; am I the jealous type but people would talk, “Hi Explosives”

Love A Destination

In the end, love has always been my destination because after “everything” and there have been a lot of those, I just feel… empty. I suppose when I come down, when I crash, when I bomb, I just want to be somewhere… with her. “Love A Destination”

One, Two… Love

Who knows… first love, I believe I have felt that; first date, first kiss, first time, never had those and I can’t even remember the first time I “felt good” if you catch my meaning. One, Two… Love; yes I’m still counting down the days

On the Eve of Being Atom

“It is an awesome feeling to know you are about to change someone’s life forever.” Tomorrow, When the War Began ~ Will it be for better or worse… not talking happily ever after but that moment between two people; “On the Eve of Being Atom”.

Fallout Over Love

Still in my 50’s/60’s nuclear musical genre, Fallout 4 haze, besides that I encourage angels to leave Heaven… for me huh; as Kanye put it, no one man should have all that power. I’m usually hiding from the world but there’s all this Fallout Over Love

Mystique Mushrooms

Because I rather be back in bed… if I need feathers I’ll find an angel, a pillow serves as a decent cloud and the sky… hell I was only looking for her anyway. It’s going out that’s the problem, I’ll already be waiting for the end, Mystique Mushrooms.

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