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April 2017

Love Me, Monsters, and Mutants

To answer the final question… yes it does, because I can’t love people in slices… another story. I don’t want to love a piece of her and I don’t expect to be loved only a part, that’s why we become heartless. Love Me, Monsters, and Mutants.

Melting Cupid’s Wings

Hot, isn’t that how most love “affairs” start, maybe she’s too hot but all men end up falling don’t they. “Melting Cupid’s Wings”, what do you say before some pretty girl changes your world… not “forever” doubt I’d ever meet that girl.

A Bright Excuse

Because it’s much too soon, because it’s too late, you don’t know what love is or even how to begin; start with hello. I go to bed thinking tomorrow… I’ll say something tomorrow; a bit doomsday but “A Bright Excuse” just can’t tell her anything.

Crater Than Love

Indent, indent, indent… I had an English teacher scream that at me and I had no idea what it meant. Anyway when did my feelings for a pretty girl begin, like, lust, love, and then they just explode. “Crater Than Love”, war never changes but love

Glowing Up Hot

I think it’s inevitable… the emotion and the feeling and I’m not saying you’ll keep it but for a moment you’ll see it, you’ll stand in awe, and whether good or bad in the end it will destroy you… love. You won’t be the same or I wasn’t Glowing Up Hot

I am Sleepless Because Of This Story

“War, war never changes” Fallout Series While our enemies do, our reasons, our methods, and everything else may, the concept of war I believe is universal, tale as old as time. “I am Sleepless: Sim 299” carries on in that… Continue Reading →

Air Cupid

I’ve asked for a pretty girl, I’ve asked for love, I’ve asked for everything, but the courage to just say hi but better to ask for air itself. Others find love with my words, the invisible man, or playing Cyrano de Bergerac. Air Cupid…

Falling Us

On the third day… I had a revelation… three little words “I love you”, most days the word love goes about all willy nilly but when we’re at the end I think that’s all we want to hear. Somebody loves us, I can’t say it to just some girl… Falling Us

Brighter Love

Someone asked me about the first girl I ever loved… we were never together yet do I regret that she is in my heart, maybe forever? I want more than one night but I also want love and in the end, I just don’t want to be alone. Brighter Love

Love Falling Out

Why is it, when the world is on its last legs, a guy like me has the chance to sweep the last beautiful girl off her feet, or maybe I shouldn’t watch “Fallout 4’ demos when I’m trying to say something about love am I right? Love Falling Out

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