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May 2017

How Cotton Was Forgotten

People are just too much to deal with for me sometimes but a person, one beautiful woman, I’d want to show her the world; on the other hand why would I want to leave my bed? If I found love, I’d be worried about losing her “How Cotton Was Forgotten”

Lessons in Falling

It’s not like you can just go up to the door and knock… I’ve never talked to a girl’s father so could you imagine knocking on heaven’s door as the song goes. Also angels have wings so no wonder one won’t fall for me but if she did Lessons in Falling.

Happily… Ever… Whatever

So what’s stopping me… a few “fetishes”, a need for the intimacy, all of womankind, who knows really; okay so I could be a better person I suppose. “Happily… Ever… Whatever” that would be too much especially for a “first” just the opportunity…

Cupid Mobile

Better to say nothing, but I have a heart, I have “something else”, and I have fingers, and all those things seem to outrun my brain, so why not blame Cupid and Siri. Cupid Mobile… think I need a better mobile plan.

Sweet Something Speak

She looks at me, I look at her and pow, or maybe boom; hearts say so many things and we’re listening or I’m listening, can’t speak for her. “Sweet Something Speak”… sweet nothings but lovers have their ways but me, I can’t tell her this way, that way

For the Love of Netflix

Truth be told I like reading a whole lot more, I’ve never had a girl over to my place, and yes I’m a bit late for the “Netflix and Chill” phenomenon but introducing a girl to your playroom only works if you’re Christian Grey. For the Love of Netflix

The Calamity of a Miracle

We can be heroes… or villains when it comes to love; I know the things love can do to you, and sometimes it’s just no good. Love can also be a miracle, our own way of saving the world but why does the world need saving, The Calamity of a Miracle

Wallflower Eden

Holding up the wall, examining a potted plant, oh and isn’t that an interesting painting… what are excuses for not being on the dancefloor with a pretty girl. I’m supposed to be all grown up; then again I didn’t go to my prom either, Wallflower Eden.

Cupid’s Home Improvement

If a man wants an angel he must create a Heaven for her to live in… but who needs angels in Heaven? Now I don’t need saving but if my angel is on the way anyway I can at least try to make her comfortable… afterwards Cupid’s Home Improvement

Noticed the Bedroom

Write what you know but if I finally did know I’d probably be so busy “doing IT” that I wouldn’t really want to write it down and if I did it would only be for her maybe. “Noticed the Bedroom”… well I notice her but will she ever notice me?

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