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June 2017

Becoming Alpha 5 Ay-Yi-Yi NOT

My apologies to Alpha 5, for being a character from “Power Rangers” I find him so much more Alpha than anything you’ll find in this book. If this is the 4th Edition really I can’t even imagine the first three… Continue Reading →

Retired Feelings

As the song goes… too young to fall in love but I’m too old to be this afraid, to be a virgin, or to be all alone in the world. Retired Feelings, surely the pieces of my heart must be dust by now and if not what am I, lonely man at 31 or a dirty perv

Shine Love

Girls like shiny things and that’s no secret but I think I would shine in the dark like any one star but in the end the sun always rises and I have seen myself in the light *sigh*. Shine Love… I suppose I understand, love may be blind but before that

Frenching Heaven

I’ve heard it takes so many muscles to smile and so many to frown but how many does it take to kiss her, how many to even look at her and frankly it doesn’t matter how many it takes to love her. Frenching Heaven, to have such strength…

Because Bed

Because that’s where she is, in my head, in my heart in my dreams and because everywhere else I know I can’t have her. “Because Bed” is safe but even standing right next to her, well if the girl only knew what I was thinking… baggy pants anyone?

Mattress Goals

It’s a small world after all… everything I need on one street, a girl or “the girl” could be pretty close, and my bed is awfully big enough then again… I’ve never had another person in it. “Mattress Goals”… I want to share but love on the edge…

The Distance to You

It’s why I’m still breathing… because she is so far away right now but am I running towards her or away from her; no clue. The Distance to You… seems to answer the question but I’m not sure I believe it and maybe I should just enjoy the air

My Two Weeks Notice… NOT

Maybe I’ve just always wanted to say that because I hate my job so much but really it didn’t take me that long to finish the book after the somewhat slow start. Speaking of things, I’ve always wanted to say… Continue Reading →

A Breathless Guest

She leaves me breathless, not with kisses or in the plethora of ways I imagine but with my own fear of wanting her and knowing in the end… A Breathless Guest, someday on my lips, in my life, in my bed but she really won’t be a guest; catch my breath.

Wishful Breathing

So what if I had air, I’d use it all up telling her how beautiful she is, I wouldn’t use it at all kissing her, or would it even exist because she’s an angel so this must be paradise… who needs air? Wishful Breathing; yes, no, maybe… out of my misery

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