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August 2017

Lesson 056 ~Respect/Respeck On My Name~

To think I have the Will to write this, I swear a day ago I was considering writing a Will, what I have some cool stuff, but I don’t know, Will I lose this positivity, hopefully not but let me feel good now. “Respect/Respeck On My Name” if you please

Will Known

Something I’m going to regret, not today, hopefully not tomorrow, but for now as they sing fifteen percent concentrated power of Will, though I’m firing on all cylinders now. Will Known, who knows but someday maybe, and no I don’t mean never heh

Lesson 055 ~Don’t Think of Elephants~

Why isn’t the elephant, king of the jungle, at this rate, I might as well become one of those people that collect cats but as always I prefer my dog if anything he knows when to shut up? Don’t Think of Elephants, how about a mouse

Grin’s Fairytale

I hate my smile and I could say it’s because I have bad teeth, fell on the stairs, hit with a baseball bat amongst other things but words can be just as damaging to be sure and my words well… Grin’s Fairytale, weren’t “Grimm’s Fairytales” horror

Lesson 054 ~Not Set in Stone~

Head splitting headache, I would get them all the time back in school because of anxiety, beats praying on the porcelain altar and I wish I could say I’ve been drinking. “Not Set in Stone”, I’m just waiting for someone to say, you blockhead

Stone Cold Catch

I don’t drink to excess, and I haven’t smoked… in a few years, but I have big dreams and I don’t think I can carry them, those things are reserved for heroes, ask Lois Lane. “Stone Cold Catch”, is when you have to come down, sooner rather than later.

Lesson 053 ~An A Musing Line~

Stay in line, keep your place, single file, being a fan somewhat of the Sith, Empire, First Order, Saviors, and others I can’t say that order is a bad thing, knowing your place and all. An A Musing Line, yeah I want to know where I’m going.

Grave Vocabulary

Words hurt, words kill, on one hand, I’m not one for politics or religion, some words though do damage on a more personal level I suppose, sometimes I wish we were more like the people of Pontypool. Grave Vocabulary

Lesson 052 ~The Timing of Inspiration~

A paradigm, a type, and from that I am inspired to create something but while my fingers are in the right place, it’s always the wrong time, that’s what she said and I still hate that joke to this day. The Timing of Inspiration, timing is everything.

A Season’s Disgust

Rule No.1 is Cardio, yeah I have a better chance with zombies when once upon a time I was in the Navy though I hate the water mostly and my eyes got me into trouble in many ways. A Season’s Disgust, I could walk but I’ll drive, know what I can’t do

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