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October 2017

Lesson 122 ~Future Wife, The Musical~

Sometimes I can barely speak and you want me to sing, though I wouldn’t mind being some businessman in a karaoke bar at some point. Future Wife, The Musical, I wish there was music so I would know I’m getting close to finding her.

Lesson 121 ~Hate Will Keep You Alive~

I don’t want to hate, which is why I spend most days alone with the exception of the dog and sometimes I believe even he is a bit iffy when it comes to me or am I just that paranoid. Hate Will Keep You Alive, and I’m still standing huh

Lesson 120 ~Open Up, Say Ahh~

The good news is I didn’t have to do much talking today but then again seeing as how people talk to signify their own lives I wonder how much longer I’ll last, maybe I should go see a doctor or not. Open Up, Say Ahh

Lesson 119 ~Everything, Everything, But Tomorrow~

A day of sitting on my ass and not in a good way: I wish tomorrow would never come even if it means I would feel this way for, god knows how long, I know work will be so much worse. “Everything, Everything, But Tomorrow”

Lesson 118 ~Penny For My Thoughts~

I get paid for people to tell me I’m not working hard enough, I’m replaceable, and I don’t know anything, and the sad thing it’s more than any word has ever gotten me which is probably why I’m still doing it. Penny For My Thoughts

Lesson 117 ~Think I’m Turning Japanese~

I wonder what culture is more repressed nowadays, or maybe I’m just a freak, well actually that’s pretty much certain but I am an American male, and I haven’t done half the stuff some have done, politicians, movie people, “Think I’m Turning Japanese”

Lesson 116 ~Mercy Prevail Over Wrath~

My mercy prevails over my wrath or more like my fear because God help me if I have such confidence to express such anger other than slapping myself in the face over everything I feel. Mercy Prevail Over Wrath, from the Koran and The Walking Dead

Lesson 115 ~I’m So Damn Hot~

Beautiful might be a better word, how about gorgeous, cute, pretty, or what have you, but it’s been a long time since I have been lovesick, felt passion, heat, or anything else. “I’m So Damn Hot” or maybe that’s just been the weather lately

Lesson 114 ~Now The Work Can Begin~

“You need to get up, get out and get something” as the song goes but why can’t I just be inspired by myself, I could quote forever on what it takes to be somebody but when it comes to my body I rather sleep. Now The Work Can Begin because I’m up

Lesson 113 ~Hungry Like the Wolf~

When you’re hungry, thirsty, a certain sort of frustrated, where do you draw the line; I’m not saying eat people but when you want to survive that’s when you realize there is no limit. Hungry Like The Wolf… so about being a better man?

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