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November 2017

Lesson 141 ~Relapse, I’m The Man~

40 Days and 40 Nights yeah right but I know it’s not impossible, 41 maybe but let’s just focus surviving this new week, because it’s going to be a doozy. Relapse, I’m The Man, or I truly want to be, I want to get better, I need to

Lesson 140 ~Glass of Instant Smile~

Have you ever seen anything so sloppy and I only wish I could say I was on something which would just be something else to add to my long list of problems I have been having today but why didn’t I give up, at least not yet? “Glass of Instant Smile”.

Lesson 139 ~Because Books Become Beguiling…~

Write, Wow, Win, I feel a new rule coming on at some point but shouldn’t ever word now be going to those 50,000 that I owe… well not really anybody, just like these lessons that I’m apparently not learning, as Because Books Become Beguiling

Lesson 138 ~We Bought A Harem~

Somebody once said, go into a business where you’ll always be needed and somebody else said, all you need is love so that sounds like a plan. We Bought A Harem and I want to “um yeah her, her and a few more hers” like animals, biology sigh?

Lesson 137 ~Love A Bad Name~

And you are again, you’ll have to forgive me, having forgotten myself some time ago how can I be expected to remember anyone else, well besides the dog at least. Love A Bad Name, really what’s in a name anyway?

Lesson 136 ~Today Was A Fairytale~

It’s a love story baby just say… Will, no I’ll probably be the one that has to write it until I find her hand in mind at least for a little while. “Today Was A Fairytale”, at least the day I wrote about for a moment

Lesson 135 ~It’s Worthy Of Your Soul~

How much is my soul worth, do I still have one available at all, am I too busy worrying about this life and what about the next… if I was a man of faith. It’s Worthy Of Your Soul, I don’t know what “it” is or where to find it, a tall order.

Lesson 134 ~Can You Count, Suckers~

Should I count on you or should I look as if you owe me, owe the future wife, perhaps the man I want to be, the somebody I believe will actually care about my novel only 12,700 of 50,000 *sigh*. Can You Count, Suckers, because I really don’t want to.

Lesson 133 ~A Little Bit Taller~

Living my life is one tall order, so everything I seem to do always feels like a reach, a stretch and even then everything looks so much bigger and farther out. A Little Bit Taller and then maybe I can see what awaits me

Lesson 132 ~A Few More Keys~

Twenty-six letters in the alphabet and I have to make fifty thousand words or more, sounds horrifying when you look at it that way, like some monster I can’t escape because I still have to choose the right key, over and over. “A Few More Keys” really

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