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December 2017

Lesson 183 ~Time To Work Sparky~

At the closing of the year *sigh* I’m exhausted, and I will be, but maybe this year I will try something different, perhaps this year I will live instead of just surviving, no more usual. “Time To Work Sparky.”

The AXEL Man Has Cometh

I just wish I had a space bar I could hit, but this story kept my hands from doing this or anything else my hands might regret, but Axel and Aly are all about love and each other despite the past they can’t fight or kill but… The AXEL Man Has Cometh.

Lesson 182 ~Yearly Revolution, Evolution, Resolutions~

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, and on Monday I will yet again be reborn, but will I still be in the same place, if I can’t get out of bed for one night, how best to do what I should be doing for the new year? “Yearly Revolution, Evolution, Resolutions

Lesson 181 ~Read Me, Read You~

Sometimes we get to read and sometimes we are the ones whose words do something, anything, not that I have been doing much of either; yeah what else would I call 26 books and a 50,000-word novel right? Read Me, Read You.

Lesson 180 ~The Coming Attractions Hmm~

I don’t need to go to the lobby to get myself a treat and any day can honestly be hump day if you find somebody willing or find yourself in love, and I usually avoid the chick flicks which might be stupid on my part. “The Coming Attractions Hmm”

Lesson 179 ~In My Father’s House~

With these hands as the song goes but I’m afraid I don’t have an answer to what they could do, should do, or would do and much like when I was failing Math all I could genuinely do is write out more questions, again and again. “In My Father’s House.”

Lesson 178 ~Shook Me All Night~

All I want for Christmas all I need is the money to pay for it, boys dream of toys and men dream of, well; I think Santa is a good man, and if I could do all that he can for the world, for the family I hope to have one day? “Shook Me All Night.”

Lesson 177 ~ Medicate for Your Protection, Yours~

I remember when I gained a pretty good drug connection thanks to my “Olds,” and I didn’t appreciate it back then, now “good” drugs are kinda expensive but to be fair, I wouldn’t be medicating for the right reasons. Medicate for Your Protection, Yours

Lesson 176 ~My Turn To Fly~

Christmas Eve and I suppose Santa is out doing his thing… what I don’t believe in Santa, how can I when I don’t hold out any hope for myself, my faith is all shot to hell when every day is the same but tonight… My Turn To Fly

Lesson 175 ~Good Morning, Evening, Goodnight~

No Eve on Christmas Eve so I suppose I only have myself to blame and yet more presents to buy than ever, even with free therapy sessions and that’s “good” right, more friends, more writing, more hope maybe. Good Morning, Evening, Goodnight.

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