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March 2018

Lesson 264 ~My Love Is Blind~

As the song goes, “I want to f*** you like I’m never gonna see you again,” but maybe she hasn’t noticed me, the real me, my pretty words, replaced with dirty urges and so I’m not much to look at or listen to I think. My Love Is Blind if this is love.

Lesson 263 ~Every Sweet Refrain Repeats~

How often do I go to work without my headphones, why do I fight so hard when the stereo in my car is acting up, there’s plenty to hear, and plenty I wish I could just turn off, but those things are from music. “Every Sweet Refrain Repeats.”

Digging Up The Tomb Raider

I suppose anything to get out of America nowadays, and a pretty girl always helps though I doubt she will be anything like Lara Croft but can’t a guy dream, not that this movie will put you to sleep. Digging Up The Tomb Raider, indeed.

Cat Man, Black Man, Wow

Wakanda Forever, to think I’m a black man that doesn’t like my people most of the time but this movie was a fun time in every sense. Though I am not one of the blind followers, but who’s reading, just see Black Panther. “Cat Man, Black Man, Wow”

Lesson 262 ~WILL Rest In Pieces~

Being swept off your feet, or as the song goes “Love lift us up where we belong,” is there any wonder we aren’t all broken with all this falling and such, hearts are a lot stronger than I think but they could still lie broken. WILL Rest In Pieces yep

Lesson 261 ~Be Who My Dog Deserves~

Who’s a good dog, if he doesn’t know that by now then I am honestly no type of father and despite all my failures, being the man that he needs me to be is something that I can not afford to fail, not ever. “Be Who My Dog Deserves”

Lesson 260 ~Bring On The Trades~

How much is it all worth, how much are you, maybe I should get a price tag tattoo, so people will stop thinking of me as one colossal clearance, no a crown wears more than any mask I believe. Bring On The Trades, because I might be ready to carry it.

Lesson 259 ~Here Comes The Sun~

I’m not tired, to the contrary I’m quite tired, but it’s nothing that sleep can cure… did I just say that; I’ll probably be out all day but then again how is that different from any other day just slipping away? Here Comes The Sun

Lesson 258 ~Writing My Pink Slip~

You won’t ever eat it all; you know how they say to “eat your words,” at this point I’m better off choking on them, all of them in fact before I honestly do become a starving artist with no day job but I thought this was America. “Write My Pink Slip”

Lesson 257 ~Weak In The Knees~

Who needs words sometimes, some people go to God, but I’m only a human that likes pleasure and let’s just say some girls look so much cuter with something in their mouths and while I can cook I was thinking of something else. “Weak In The Knees”

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