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June 2018

Lesson 356 ~Words You Can Bank~

You can’t get rid of words, while money is another story there are always more words to say and for me always more words to write even with my anniversary coming up, a whole year of things I shouldn’t speak, how about The End? Words You Can Bank

Lesson 355 ~Give A Lit Bit~

Domination 101, how much do I know and what do I believe, this might be an ongoing series considering it has nearly been a year, hell might be a book idea, but I’m talking to the wrong woman, all of them in fact. Give A Little Bit

Lesson 354 ~Cleaning Out My Cages~

Freedom from everything but living, fear itself is my cage, and nobody is going to sign some paper to get me out, and that is one more reason I am a writer, though who listens to the crazies and the stupid… America. “Cleaning Out My Cages.”

Lesson 353 ~Caged Hearts, Wander Away~

My heart has a cage, and yet the love I feel is allowed to travel, and so I am not a prisoner, I am free to know what love is or at the moment empathy, even my dog is in a cage, but he went potty on the floor. Caged Hearts, Wander Away

Lesson 352 ~Sometimes You May Even Forget~

I’ll forget so many things by tomorrow, and the things that I remember will probably haunt me for days on end because that’s the problem with pillows, they don’t do enough damage, and they don’t absorb enough punishment. Sometimes You May Even Forget

Lesson 351 ~You’re A Leg Man~

If only my legs, these hands, my heart would work as well as my ears, I need my body to know infusion with all these words I’ve been listening to lately and if women aren’t enough motivation, what will it take? “You’re A Leg Man” maybe

Lesson 350 ~A Black Magic Worry~

Magic, Day Job, Al Bundy, Fear, Words, Humanity, Desperation, Friendship, Vices, Faith, Therapy, Lesson, Journal, Lady Lu, Will Bradford Jr.

Lesson 349 ~There Are Better Stories~

Everybody has a story but how many stories are people telling, how many of those stories are being believed, how many of those stories are living and breathing, though to live one of my stories; I know I’ll do better. “There Are Better Stories.”

Hey There Delilah, My Maiden

Would the motto of Heavenly Ministries be, to abandon all hope ye who enter here, well if that hope is five stars but what’s wrong with four; question what is wrong with religious people liking pretty girls; just me then? Hey There Delilah, My Maiden

Lesson 348 ~A Star Is Porn~

Am I jealous that I have no hand for pictures, so I rely on words, and some girls don’t send nudes but the creativity it takes to imagine such but am I honestly, I’ll admit seeing is believing and helps the writing process? “A Star Is Porn”

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