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July 2018

Fairytales of The First Purge

A review brought to you by the word “subtlety,” which this movie has none of and you know it shouldn’t, if the news every day isn’t freaking you out, as this film appears more like a documentary on America *shudders*. “Fairytales of The First Purge.”

Episode 020 ~To Defeat The Huns~

People face many things throughout their day, but the worst one for me is people, and today I’ll have to do just that or not since I’ll have to check bathrooms and fitting rooms and it’s my business to make money. “To Defeat The Huns.”

Episode 019 ~No End Of Kindling~

I Made It, added more fuel to the fire, one more book down and even an additional chapter and the feeling I have now… it doesn’t compare to the humiliation I’ll endure tomorrow. Honestly, I would rather have people read my novel. “No End Of Kindling”

Episode 018 ~Do You Lust Me~

I always feel like, somebody’s watching me as the song goes and I wonder what they’re doing because I doubt it’s anything sexy and even if they loved me, would they admit to something like this? Do You Lust me?

Episode 017 ~Fires of Mt. Motivation~

If I were asked this moment what inspired a year’s worth of writing, nearly four books, buying space for a blog, fighting like Hell to keep it and more, find a person that makes your blood boil and then get it out of you. Fires of Mt. Motivation

Episode 016 ~Sorry To Bother You~

I’m not one for a good pick up line and who knows how her life is going and as the song goes “you make me better” and is that selfish of me, I only want to do the same for her but how will I do that. Sorry To Bother You.

Episode 015 ~Inspiration Doesn’t Need A Map~

Finding inspiration, yeah I pretty much burned the boats and took a walk into the jungle and should I survive, it means staying awake, and that involves some creativity too, but Spotify is helping. “Inspiration Doesn’t Need A Map”

Episode 014 ~Privacy Concerns Of Pride~

Pride is energizing while humiliation is exhausting and I got more than a dose staring into all of those mirrors today or was it the panic attack; I haven’t known such fear since watching “stuff,” on my “father’s” computer. Privacy Concerns Of Pride.

Episode 013 ~Too Soon Brave Captain~

Library closed earlier today, but that didn’t stop me, find a way, despite need doggies and girls that need a stern talking to which with my little speech and sad to say the MeToo movement; anyway I didn’t fail today… much. Too Soo Brave Captain

Episode 012 ~What’s On The Menu~

When you want (BLANK) as badly as you want to breathe, it’s then you’ll have, I can put any word or series of words, success, food, going back to the house, but writing is my life, only more so, and writers have weird dreams. What’s On The Menu?

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