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August 2018

Episode 051 ~To Will And Deal~

The wheels of steel but I’m no DJ with all this music I’m still keeping an ear out for you and no one else, you can ask the people I work with but are you having a bad day too. To Will And Deal only I don’t know how to make you feel better.

Episode 050 ~Winners Do Whatever They Want~

Today was not a winning day, how I have dreamed a dream for hours on end but I’m only now getting to writing and not on my book mind you though I did accomplish one goal today. Winners Do Whatever They Want, but I’m not there yet.

Episode 049 ~Will U They Ask~

Academia proved challenging, and to this day I still hate math, and it shows I haven’t learned enough to earn enough to keep my young son and me… sixty-five in dog years ha, going one hundred, so many questions. “Will U They Ask?”

Episode 048 ~When, Will, Will Wake~

From comfy clothes, bed, and doggy, to blue jeans, a chair, and the annoyance which is the human race, but someone said your comfort zone is the enemy, or maybe it’s just the company, fear, anger, and a good idea. When Will, Will Wake.

Episode 047 ~Check, Bill, Or Will~

Love don’t cost a thing, well that depends, my dog was free when he became mine, and his love is priceless, but I’m still sixty bucks down, a trip to The Moonlite Bunny Ranch… inconceivable; the blog, over three hundred dollars. Check, Bill, Or Will.

Episode 046 ~Tearing Me Apart Willie~

Keep it together, and to that I mean my zipper because everything else feels like it’s breaking apart and I’m not sure I should be opening up about any of this stuff, but it’s almost too much. “Tearing Me Apart Willie” well he, it, so much more.

Episode 045 ~Trying Times Of Will~

Last week I said there was no need for pills and this week, well last night I did chug a 5-hour ENERGY and what did I do with all my extra time; write and clean the house and for what? Trying Times Of Will

Episode 044 ~Coalition Of The Willing~

I sure men fight over you still, and then you met me, and suddenly I’m a Trojan… did I say that… laughter is the best medicine, and then again I’m not hurt, heartbroken, ain’t happy, I’m feeling glad. Coalition Of The Willing

Episode 043 ~Losers Always Try Their Best~

Last week I asked, can I do better, and this week as the song goes, you’re the best around, or maybe I would be if I ever got out of bed and started walking the Earth, but in doing what I consider my best… Losers Always Try Their Best.

Episode 042 ~Will, He Time Travels~

Time is just one more construct like fear and another I continuously take stock in and didn’t I say that I hate math which is why I’m not a doctor, astronaut, or building my time machine, yeah that’s the reason. “Will, He Time Travels”

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