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October 2018

Episode 113 ~Always Write The Truest Sentence~

As the song goes, every day I write the book or NOT, I found out it’s too late to submit a short story for competition but still, it’s not only a goal to write, it’s my purpose if that is the truth. “Always Write The Truest Sentence.”

Episode 112 ~Willie It’s Cold Outside~

Last week I was too hot, this past week I was too cold, so when will I have a week when I’m just right, can’t say the people, precipitation, or my purpose are helping, considering I’m stuck in the day job, gratefully. “Willie, It’s Cold Outside”

A Feat Under His Heel

I wish I could have gotten up, not that I have to, my Kindle is full of books, but I had to take that first step to read this, and I could not stop, also another reason nobody saw me reading this book at work. A Feat Under His Heel, quite a challenge

When Girls Come To Church

Now this is worth getting up for on a Sunday morning, hell when I was younger my parents would drag me to church, and I would spend time in the balcony reading, nothing akin to this, but it’s better than the Bible. “When Girls Come To Church” though?

Episode 111 ~One Way Will Work~

Let’s give the boy a hand as the song goes, failed to get fired, to be completely lazy though if I heard the voice on the PA right but how often am I right, after all, I work retail, and that’s not working for me. One Way Will Work, such is hope

Episode 110 ~Enemies Wills And Writes~

Who doesn’t have an enemy, you could be sitting in a monstery and Tibet, and some monk is giving somebody grief, and how much is a shiny rock in comparison to a weapon. “Enemies Wills And Writes”

Episode 109 ~A Greed With Will~

Doing what you love isn’t working right; now I could tell you exactly what that is to me and most people would say that’s not the L Word, others would say it’s illegal unless you live in Nevada or Rhode Island. “A Greed With Will”

Episode 108 ~Meet The Complacent Will~

I’m okay, no more and no less, I survive one more day, and I think… yeah right, on to the next one and soon it doesn’t hurt so much, dare I say there is a little less fear after a while? Meet The Complacent Will

Episode 107 ~All Will Be Will~

Get well soon, nope, usually, it’s better to get Will soon, whether it be a fight at work, a reason to be fired, or some other calamity but the question is who will I be tomorrow, and who cares to know. All Will Be Will.

Episode 106 ~For My Opportunity Anything Goes~

Today was an opportunity for a decent day, every day is born with the same hope, but you must be willing to fight for it both metaphorically and literally as other people take their chances and make their choices. “For My Opportunity Anything Goes.”

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