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December 2018

Episode 173 ~Purposeful Listlessness Of Will~

Top ten actresses, best places to build a brothel, and could Santa carry a billion dollars in his bag, I’m sure I could think of a few ways, but no I instead count other “things” or not, *sigh* so many sheep. Purposeful Listlessness Of Will

Episode 172 ~Will’s Milf One Day~

My mom is pretty smart, one Christmas when I scrapped it and pretty much all religion, in general, she still got me exactly what I wanted, and any woman that gains the attention of a man knows what he wants regardless. Will’s MILF One Day

Episode 171 ~Just Facts It Will~

The good thing about writing fiction is I can tell myself a story every night and tomorrow morning and then when it comes to setting my fingers to the task suddenly I have writer’s block so let me tell the truth. Just Facts It Will

Episode 170 ~Looking Forward To Will~

I don’t want a girl that only keeps me on my toes but knocks me off of my feet, and no I’m not one of those guys if anything I too lazy or too terrified to move but how often do I see someone so beautiful? Looking Forward To Will.

Episode 169 ~I Want To Be Sedated~

I might as well have taken a job as a mannequin, ask for me tomorrow and I will be a grave man, and today I wish I was invisible or maybe I should have found somebody to cover for me. I Want To Be Sedated, and yeah I probably need a doctor.

Episode 168 ~Will In The Placebo~

Placebo, Gazebo, how I like a good rhyme but I wish I could say that I want my life; maybe that would make my mom happy on her birthday today, and how many women did I buy gifts for last night? “Will In The Placebo,” so I THINK it’s affection or life

Episode 167 ~Will In The Hood~

Is it that cold outside that I rather stay under the covers, that I need my hoodie and my coat, that already I’m thinking I’m going to make this day better than yesterday by killing the man I was but when I take off my hood *sigh*. “Will In The Hood”

Episode 166 ~Wills I Never Read~

I haven’t taken time to read lately, maybe because the truth absorbs me rather than fiction, let’s be real most words nowadays… hell, I’m creative, and others are liars and my look what time it is. “Wills I Never Read” but met hmm

Episode 165 ~Will’s Reality Of Brazzers~

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; I’m sure they say something terrible about comparing yourself to others, and then I don’t want to be compared to criminals, but adult actresses beat out women in a lot *sigh*. “Will’s Reality Of Brazzers”

Episode 164 ~The Dogs Of Will~

Warriors Come Out And Write, or maybe I should be reading, yes definitely but I was busy fighting back sleep and losing might I add, didn’t even take an energy shot today but war leaves destruction. The Dogs Of Will

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