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January 2019

Episode 214 ~Will A Tight Lip~

Shut-Up, sit down, scratch, or more like punch the keys, get to grinding but I instead stay between the sheets, the bar searching, or the billfold, pretending I’m doing something, thinking of all I should honestly be doing. Will A Tight Lip

Episode 213 ~Fanging Innocence, Not Will~

Does the wolf ever smile, does Jason, I would be ever so much worse if I were Freddy, but I tend not to loiter on Elm Street, but a man will dream, and since I’m not grinding my teeth, this isn’t Hell but as for Heaven. “Fanging Innocence, Not Will.”

Episode 212 ~Tooth Of Will’s Smile~

Last week I said something about not being much of a talker and today, quite by accident I got a look in the mirror and found out why I shouldn’t open my mouth… better to smile with my eyes or even my lips. “Tooth Of Will’s Smile”

Episode 211 ~What Makes You Go Ahh~

Probably wasn’t a good idea to write this in bed but how I wish it was Thursday or maybe I want to warm myself up considering what the weather is reporting; hell I’ll feel awesome if everything does close down for a minute. What Makes You Go Ahh

Episode 210 ~Telling Will Mustard Seed~

It’s telling that my faith in myself is a mustard seed and as for 99.9 of humanity, well what’s smaller than that; a virus, anyway I wish I was as wealthy as whoever owns mustard, and if Johnny Appleseed could do it. “Telling Will Mustard Seed.”

Episode 209 ~Ye Of Little Will~

Things I want to believe someday, I Love You, I Need You, I Miss You, I Believe In You, hell maybe that fourth one will be the hardest, and if I can’t say it to myself, why think anyone else will, WHY — Ye Of Little Will

Episode 208 ~Willing Of The Story~

The hero of your story, a motivation of mine mentions that but when’s the last time I wrote anything of value, and though I’m not reading such and such, some words that can’t be forgotten the man I was. “Willing Of The Story”

Episode 207 ~C The Word Will~

Control, Command, Can Do attitude, the makings of a dominant am I right, though at the moment I’m a scared boy who wants a chocolate bar, some cookies, or plenty of milk… see, now how dirty was that? C The Word Will

Episode 206 ~All Greek To Will~

Too many talking heads, too many voices, and so many versions of what happened today, not that I’m giving a detailed explanation because I would speak more gibberish and hell this isn’t Dirty Diana’s day but not mine either, “All Greek To Will.”

Episode 205 ~This Is Your Will~

I’m not much of a talker, somebody thinks I should be a singer, and I guess I should get better at remembering holidays, MLK Day was yesterday, and I have a dream too that my future wife is reading these but if I could sing to her. This Is Your Will.

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