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January 2019

Episode 204 ~No Rest For The Wicked~

No rest for the wicked but the good find it far earlier than most, and maybe that’s one more reason that I’m writing this on Sunday. I wish I could say it’s for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr but no I’m slothful and yet I sing, No Rest For The Wicked

Episode 203 ~The Willingness To Shine~

The Power of Will, Iron Will, if anything I’m dense enough, hardheaded, my heart like a stone and how I wish I could lift my feet but I shuffle around like a zombie but a vampire and wouldn’t need the light. “The Willingness To Shine.”

Episode 202 ~Scratch My Back Will~

Is it strange that I sleep on my back when I know I have and sleep on my belly when I get a chance to relax some and what about B III or how they talk about “certain” girls and their jobs? Scratch My Back Will.

Episode 201 ~Your Will Is King~

I have dreamed a dream, and most I can’t remember, but it’s the ones that stick with me that I have to worry about, especially since I wasn’t reading this morning but writing this in my head and how they say, so let it be written… “Your Will Is King”

Episode 200 ~A Willingly Lost Innocence~

The words are still not coming easily but what can I say about myself keeping my brand of self-control but I’m not young anymore and if I had a million dollars, would I be a sugar daddy, a porno director, with a “P.Y.T.?” “A Willingly Lost Innocence”

Episode 199 ~Willing To Be Footloose~

Big confessions of 2019 and I said it before but what a way to start the year; B III and I are making it though, and if only everyone knew forgiveness as he does, yeah three shots would leave anyone PO’ed what about nine? Willing To Be Footloose

Episode 198 ~Cold Outside, Willing Approval~

I don’t need your approval, what I tell myself daily and part of that is because everyone has already agreed to the man they see now and God help me if I decide to change or if some girl likes what she sees in me. Cold Outside, Willing Approval.

Episode 197 ~Women Make The World Harder~

Whenever a woman is coming over I’m reminded of that concept “Jesus is coming, look busy” it’s like the end of days maybe, and that’s if things get that far, past twenty seconds of courage, the daily grind, life. Women Make The World Harder

Episode 196 ~Love Is Like Will~

Love in the context of myself is often a dirty word and there a few in this to give you fair warning, there’s also the want of green, and I’m not endorsing PCH, though I still search there but what about for the Man In The Mirror. “Love Is Like Will”

Episode 195 ~So Fear The Willing~

The only person that should scare me is me and for once maybe not in the usual way, not that I have ever feared failure or success, I would be a monster, and currently, I’m The Walking Dead. So Fear The Willing

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