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March 2019

Episode 273 ~Will Drown For Food~

Drinking more water, “trying” to get up and do some real work, staying cleaning and not lying in dirty clothes for the whole day; it all seems like so much that I can barely breathe but what’s the point. “Will Drown For Food”

Episode 272 ~Will Is Not Ill~

Stupidity is a virus, and it’s like everyone is afraid of catching it from me, and I feel like I’m living in I Am Legend, only me and the dog; so who’s sick and who’s well, I would never give those monsters the satisfaction. Will Is Not Ill

Episode 271 ~Self-Harm, Write A Will~

As Johnny Cash sang “I hurt myself today.” I’m not attempting to feel; if anything I am only to0 lazy to get out of the way of everything that’s hurting me and I find even cheaper ways to. “Self-Harm, Write A Will” how many have I done

Episode 270 ~Will Read In Bed~

Green, Yellow, Red, though I have always been one for brunettes myself, I can name quite a few redheads that aren’t pornstars; well until I head to “The Moonlite Bunny Ranch” someday, write my book, make a movie. Will Read In Bed.

Episode 269 ~Was Will Calm Before~

Calm or depression, I feel like I’m sinking and for some reason, I can’t remember how I kept my head above this muck, blood, sweat, and tears, or so THEY say; I hate the water, and that’s what keeps me kicking, did I sail once. “Was Will Calm Before”

Episode 268 ~A Will Of Curiosity~

I wish somebody knew me as well as my dog, whenever somebody asks me questions about myself, it’s for dirt, if they read me, they are looking for the worse in me, and nobody appreciates my fandoms yet when I ask about someone. A Will Of Curiosity not

Episode 267 ~Success’s An Option, Failure’s Not~

What do I want at this moment, to get out of a shift at work and at first I would say I’m afraid; no it’s because I don’t want those “people” to get there rocks off making me stupid, that’s a success. Success’s An Option; Failure’s Not

Episode 266 ~You’ve Got Five Will~

I’m not good with so few words. Could I be so crass as to dole out two? I work my fingers to the bone instead of pushing and fighting. Don’t get me started on love except for money, five months remaining. You’ve Got Five Will

Episode 265 ~Hell Of Weak Will~

I think I called this week exactly what I thought it would be and I was too weak to make it otherwise, even today and of course counting up failures is tomorrow’s business; maybe I need a new hobby. “Hell Of Weak Will” or a Stupid Will

Episode 264 ~Worse, Women, Writing, Will~

My life is becoming more and more of a horror story every day, and I may take a pair of scissors to it, well more like a delete button; was I beginning to sound a bit creepy maybe? “Worse, Women, Writing, Will”

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