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June 2019

Episode 364 ~Will To Count On~

From running around the city, to feel like I’m back in school and all, with the backpacks and a ton of shoes and all the math involved and one, is a lonely number, but two sure knows how to torture and a million geez. Will To Count On.

Episode 363 ~A New Leaf Will~

In two more days it will have been two years since I started this blog and why did I begin again; the things we do for love; Nah the things I do because of Girls, Girls, Girls as the song goes — a New Leaf Will, not that I can turn one over

Episode 362 ~You Writing A Will~

I’ve never been the hero of my story and no wonder I’m so tired, writing what everyone else would make me out to be; the difference between enjoying writing and hating myself for it daily. “You Writing A Will?”

Episode 361 ~Will Of The Moment~

The first days I realized a girl could make me feel anything but fear and now as an “adult” *snickers* hell what kind of man “should” will I be and anybody that says “be yourself” deserves a spanking. Will Of The Moment

Episode 360 ~Why Worry? Write Will~

Last week I asked what I was I thinking, but at this point, that word should be synonymous what am I “worrying” about, movie tickets, Pinterest boards, my arsenal and more. Why Worry? Write Will.

Episode 359 ~Will Visits Olive Garden~

I’ve never eaten at Olive Garden, I liked The Shrimp & Chicken Box, but I always ate at home, and I realize I still sound like that boy eating by himself I the cafeteria but if I had the money, the power, and the woman. Will Visits Olive Garden.

Episode 358 ~Make It Worth Fighting For~

It’s my father’s birthday today, the man did threaten a teacher for me once before, went off on a judge too, but all Masters protect their slaves, my life is valuable to those that can use me, so I never fight for myself. “Make It Worth Fighting For”

Episode 357 ~Backbreaking Escape Of Will~

One more week down, I only worked three days but between shuffling B III between the Vet and back home so I could go shopping, from buying Chinese “everything” to stopping at Taco Bell am I carrying the world or traveling. Backbreaking Escape Of Will

Episode 356 ~Will’s PG Programming Guide~

Time to get to work, not knocking anyone but those words at 4:00 AM suck when you know you’re not getting paid a whole lot, so it makes sense even “adult entertainment” has proper hours. Will’s PG Programming Guide.

Episode 355 ~Will We Be Heroes~

What do you want to be someday and I don’t think a father ever made my list but maybe a Power Ranger, and now I want to be a PIMP but in my dreams what did I become I’m still asking? Will We Be Heroes

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