Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Episode 038 ~End The Will Shaming~

Forgive Me Echo,
Give Me One Reason, other than I’m not that vain, but I had the strangest idea, and it’s only been a post or two of wanting to reveal the man behind the words; is there something akin to too much motivation? Remember I did a year’s worth of poetry for a particular company, hoping that it might impress and that ate up so much of my time; I didn’t care who saw and yet I’m still writing, not for them.

How can I be so proud or so dumb to show my face, it’s easy to do when nobody’s around when you’re sick, and doggies tell no tales ha though my furbaby understands English better than most people and he’s a Chihuahua. Was that me being racist; compared to most of the things I say I’m more worried about being considered sexist, perverted, maybe a Smooth Criminal or so I might have thought once. I’m sure making it damn easier for people to know who I am if I keep up this course of action, of showing my face in posts and my rules right?

Part of the reason I do this is because people make me feel so ashamed of being alive why not talk about my sins but sticking to the idea of motivation, it’s not about other people but about how I take life. I’m not afraid to use the word furbaby, to talk about being on Purple Pills or whatever color they are when the lights go out and have you seen any of my dating profiles over the last few years, but that’s the thing. Nobody notices, and if they see my face, then they don’t bother to read honestly. So by showing my face at the beginning what am I hoping for, to become more invisible, less, maybe I want to nurse my paranoia a bit, this world Inspector Echo this great big world.

Maybe, I’m not afraid of people knowing my mind, a year, one month, and eight days now; yeah some people at the day job are celebrating fifteen years on the job, if that were me, I would rather be dead. Forgive me Inspector Echo for wanting to tack on more work for myself, that wasted year I spent, for playing this game hiding and seeking forever, for having such grand plans and as always for being afraid. Think I’ve had enough; End The Will Shaming.

I Will Have No Fear