Thursday, August 9, 2018

Episode 039 ~Will The Love Tonight~


Come In Dirty Diana,
Give Me One Reason not to go back to bed, well okay more to the point, I need an idea not to go back to sleep; it’s a little bit funny how sex can keep you awake and then knock you out soon after. I must be dreaming that I’m going to have sex anytime within the next week maybe but speaking of fantasizing, I’ve thought about owning a brothel at some point in my life… how dare I, Dirty Diana?

Second Circle Creations, yeah I should consider a name change since there is an Abyss Creations and anyway that wouldn’t be the name of my cathouse but how would an author become such a peddler of flesh? I’ve said often enough that I’ve wanted to write ever since I was in my aunt’s room writing down one word I couldn’t understand, my name and of course to this day I’m still looking to understand myself. Not to sound like Idiocracy but I like money, even more so for tits, and though people would find this doubtful, I want to be in charge or even more so I seek to control.

Don’t I have plenty of rip-offs today, I talk about Will Smith some, but another man I admire is Dennis Hof who owns the brothels down Nevada way, talk about doing something that you love. What’s Love Got to Do With “Anything,” yeah I can’t say I’m one for writing a traditional love story but who does these days, well that I’m reading anyway, I’m more for dungeons, harems, ravishment *gasps*? Not to say I’m not one for love, “Dear Future Wife” for example. Only What the World Needs Now Is Love or at least the facsimile. It’s sad that violence is generally more family-friendly.

I still think about what “Cherry” say about my Pinterest boards, a brothel in my pocket, plus there are my OCD tendencies, I spent twenty minutes reorganizing pillows, again I like order, I want things to make sense and cents, of course, dollars. All I need is the Will, maybe if I keep saying that I might honestly believe it one day and not just write about it, not that there is anything wrong with that, waking up an hour and some change early right?

As I said, sex can keep you up and right now my writing is what I’m doing, a book here or there, a business class, damn all this motivation which was nowhere around yesterday just saying; Will The Love Tonight.

I Will Have No Fear