Friday, August 10, 2018

Episode 040 ~Putting Will To Paper~

Hey Lady Sophia,
Give Me One Reason to start a new book, hell I’m not done editing the one I finished for camp or the one before or the other one, I’m beginning to lose track and then there is always more. If you think putting down “The End” is hard and even worse my name, I’m discovering more and more why writers use pen names, how about coming up with the proper title for books or even a chapter.

It’s like writing out a confession in a world full of priest, police, and the politically correct, you’re always guilty of something you know, more like taking the blame for everything your characters have done. All These Things That I’ve Done, no I can name the guilty and what I want once I turn them all in is a reward and at this particular moment that prize would be a good night’s sleep… wouldn’t you know its something more than money? I’m still in bed mind you, and I’ll admit while I’m no Bible scholar I think God put Adam in charge of the name game before he made Eve. Yeah, I’m sure it worked out better for him, the same reason I’m library bound instead of staying all alone, well yeah the dog’s here…

When it came to my name “Willie” talk about vanity, that was my father’s choice, and I’m sure if he could do it all over again he would take it back, one crappy author to another and yes I know I have to stop that. Consistency right Lady Sophia which explains why instead of getting an extra two hours of sleep I’m here talking to you and do you know why that is? Just like going by Will, when my name is on a stone slap (if I’m lucky) it won’t be able to shut up, I want it to be damn hard for everyone to come up with my proper title but for now I can’t even say the words That’s Not My Name.

Here I thought The Darkest Minds were the easiest to remember, yeah I’m going to have to because I won’t be seeing that movie again this week, though “Indiana Gone” knew to pay me back. Hell I have a hard time remembering who’s on all the money right or the board that Pinterest erased, but I don’t have time for that right, I should be writing, Putting Will To Paper.

I Will Have No Fear