Saturday, August 11, 2018

Episode 041 ~The Right Of Will~

Hey Lady Lu,
Give Me One Reason to not stay right here today, exhausted, excuses, eco-friendly, emotional support, hell I need it after yesterday, all the times I expected to hear the police knocking on my door and then last night it was by accident. How about the fact that an old couple tried to buy my dog; again, guess he still has “it” from $500 to $700, damn near a thousand, pardon my language but it’s been a tough week of my consistent action.

How often do I mention motivation but it’s because of that I have two meals of leftovers, that I’m drinking more water, eating cereal, and working on my novel despite everything and yes everything is getting in the way. Last week that was me in traffic but nowadays it’s like I’m still rushing, I don’t have the right to stop myself, hell I don’t have the right to sleep waking up at 2:30 AM and this is Every Morning because as I said consistent action and the concept of being on time. That shouldn’t be an occasional thing but all the time and speaking of things I’m learning such as discipline, hard work vs. talent, and the willingness to die for the cause if you’re going to get anywhere Luna.

It doesn’t end until I’m successful and even then as the song goes “Hanging tough, staying hungry” and even the Eye Of The Tiger needs to close at some point wouldn’t you say, but no that wouldn’t be right. Nothing I do ever is, not to mention easy, exactly erudite, or erotic, yes I’m still lamenting over my novel, less erotica more hardcore porn with a softcore theme and how many men write in this genre again? Reading is only one more thing, “The Art of Peace” when’s the last time I bothered to pick that up, and honestly, I hope it’s me being tired and not the book itself as I find myself passing out whenever I reach for it, *sigh* TWD Book Reviews.

Maybe I can’t know peace yet, there is too much work and even saying that makes me feel bad because others do so much more and who am I, despite all my pictures and being a black guy after all “This Is America,” I’ll admit I was nearly scared to death. I certainly feel like death, I feel like staying at the house, that’s my right but until I’m successful screw The Right of Will.

I Will Have No Fear