Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Episode 044 ~Coalition Of The Willing~

Dear Future Wife,
Give Me One Reason for I suppose if war takes everything, then one should expect love to give everything and The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, let’s say I found my courage lacking. You see if you’re going to fight, you have to give it everything you have but when it came to my love for you well, I would say I’m like any man, but then again I’m here with you so maybe… better, and I wonder was it the same for a woman like you my love.

My dog sneezes, and he bumps his head, and I get so scared but did you hit your head, did gravity do me a solid and an apple fell, and you thought that you and I were a good idea at some point. Maybe the sun got in your eyes, shining Bright and aren’t I saying the stars are always in them and so we have no choice but to Collide, and then we fall together. I suppose you must love music as much as me and so you found yourself lost in a song or you don’t listen to people, and we stand together even when we go all knocky in the knees baby girl.

Everything begins with a single step and to get my feet moving; well if it’s not music, it’s video games, and I felt like an Android in “Detroit: Become Human” that I had to break through the man I was, to become the man I wanted to be, yours. I heard once upon a time that it’s a disease this thing called love and the two of us, catching it, feeling it, maybe it takes two people to become the cure, all alone it is a plague. So my heart, my soul, my mind eventually came to an understanding to win, and it’s hard, getting the words out, Your Touch in such a way, and yes I could go on and on about hands, but I mean my spirit, is it the same with you?

My friend, my ally, my lover, my wife, Meet Me On The Battlefield, as you did so long ago; when I face this Man In The Mirror when I want to lie here somedays, especially when I want to find the right words, like now. We’re stronger together and even more so with the kids, our family because no king stands alone but This Love we share. Loving you doesn’t scare me at all only learning to want every part of myself, wondering how you do it takes, well everything as your lips meet mine, a Coalition Of The Willing.

I Will Have No Fear