Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Episode 045 ~Trying Times Of Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
Give Me One Reason, as with Fear, Time is merely a construct, or so it was once upon a time, but it’s on my wrist for a reason, my phone, like any other bit of media I find myself hit over the head with it. Hell even when I was a child I was no good with it, Christmas morning 6:00 am while it was still dark I would wake up my sister and I would get our toys, ironically the present is a gift they say.

When was the last time I got up happy, I’m hard pressed to find a time where I woke up and honestly felt terrific, sometimes I think my body is no longer conditioned for that because even when I get eight hours, it’s as if I can’t breathe. I can say the same thing about work of course, except when I’m in bed I can’t, but at the day job I only don’t want to, and since when have lungs told time. What about the time that it takes to clean the house last night and what was the purpose of all that time spent, I suppose if I had a date, but this was mostly not looking so gross.

Speaking of which, I heard in a movie once that love can’t tell time, and those few minutes in the shower, are one more waste of it, leaving me disappointed and ashamed somewhat but then again I didn’t make an ass of myself today though “Okay” was looking hot as Hell. I love my writing, and the last time I clocked myself talking to you Inspector Echo or anyone for that matter it takes me around three hours a real therapist would take less time. What about the saying “Time Is Money” and how much is it going to cost me to keep this blog up and running or to get a book published, the time is coming where I need to make a choice.

Fifty dollars and I’ll have enough to keep my blog running, but then again it took me so long to acquire the full payment which is embarrassing, $335.00 when I started for eighty, and I haven’t made a dime from it. So will you forgive me Inspector Echo for losing the magic gift of time, for fighting it every single day, and wasting it on dreams that I know won’t… okay motivation, positivity, anyway for waiting so long and arriving so quickly yeah right haha.

How about for making the time and money and I’m only letting it go to waste, not yesterday mind you when it comes to writing see as extra, extra, read all about it these Echo are Trying Times Of Will.

I Will Have No Fear