Friday, August 17, 2018

Episode 047 ~Check, Bill, Or Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
Give Me One Reason, other than my love for writing that is because clearly, I must be insane, I was yesterday perhaps, caring to want to eat at all, making sure my little four-legged superman is fresh, clean and less itchy; what about my lack of productivity? Sad to say I didn’t work on my novel at all, and here I am with plans to continue the blog, one more reason I’m a fiction writer because I don’t write promises or checks.

Of all the things I write, a check, could I even, makes me seem like less of an adult but I usually use cash, debit, or money orders; how do they say, don’t write checks that your butt can’t cash, at this rate I might live forever, hell if I made other people immortal. Speaking of being immortal and promises I can’t keep, didn’t I say that if the blog couldn’t support itself in a year that I would give it up… one year, one month and seventeen days give or take Lady Sophia, and I haven’t made one dime. I have worked hard for nearly two months to keep this going, no wonder I’ve fallen into this stupor but I was counting up my funds after yesterday’s debacle, and all I have to do is pay my service provider.

For all the ladies I write about, for the bitch that inspired my writing all this time in an attempt to wipe away one word and replace it with my name, my Will, if anything I’m the one getting screwed here. Hell, I was thinking about having a poll; with the money I raised I could get that PS4, I could have Detroit: Become Human, it would make a nice down payment on publishing my novel. Even more on my lavish investment, what about going to see Alice at The Moonlite Bunny Ranch, “Indiana Gone’s” wedding, a present for “M Anime” what about my kid?

Next week isn’t going to be a picnic seeing as how I haven’t picked up any hours at the day job, and I haven’t been writing either, too busy you know, sleeping and what is Rule 274, Sleep Is The New Broke, and where am I now? No the question is where will I be tomorrow, the check or the cash could be on the way saving the blog, I don’t want to be staring at this bill next year, I could be today’s Will, lazy playing some video game or the man I should be, Check, Bill, Or Will.

I Will Have No Fear