Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Episode 051 ~To Will And Deal~

Dear Future Wife,
Give Me One Reason to “try” and get you to smile, and I would look up “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day.” As the Temptations put it “I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day.” How about going back to the regular hot sauce when you run out of ghost pepper? The things that screw up your face baby girl but when there is no smile on yours, whatever am I to do. I would say I’m a good listener but isn’t that every day because you leave me breathless Love.

I expect sooner or later I’ll go in search of chocolate, ice cream, blankets, but no puppies. My first born can’t stand anything being cuddlier, cuter, or comfier than himself. Coming from the dog that is on a quest for comfy spots. Would you prefer I stay here, I’ve never seen “The Notebook,” but I do have a thing for “chick flicks” to a certain extent. It’s my luck that you’re a gamer and you want to shoot something other than me. How about taking the other kids somewhere, your parents might be an option and mine? Let’s hope they take after me and like reading and the outdoors, no reason we should both suffer.

I’ll do that a lot, the world keeps on spinning, and I’ll keep finding things I don’t like, but I discovered you, and that’s how I deal. Along with music, the dog, games, talking to you eventually. When you’re mad, crying, frustrated, scared, how I rue the day you ask me to change a flat tire. How did I survive driving you to the hospital, or how about getting something to eat and having no idea where? Family road trips; Disney World every summer but it’s A Great Big World out there and I hope we’ll show our kids lots of it. Only with my driving and aversion to water, yet one more reason I can’t stand to see you cry or run away babe.

It’s not my way to talk, but I need you to Say Something, to Come Away with me to teach me how to make you happy. I Wanna Know if I need to start Back At One, what was it I said about music. You are my ride or die, after all; I suppose I’m worried about the car today but always thinking about you and French Fries. It works for my son, lots of food To Will And Deal.

I Will Have No Fear