Thursday, August 23, 2018

Episode 053 ~Hold The Door Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
Give Me One Reason other than the fact that my mother raised a gentleman or so she tried. It was my father perhaps that taught me smacking girls on the behind was wrong. Him giving black eyes and cheating on them; yeah that’s another story, Diana. I’m a gentleman to a certain extent, or so I strive to be, I hold open doors, I cook and clean. Once upon a time, I wrote poetry, but I haven’t written anything at all over the last few days.

Too busy striving to be a better man. Drooling, sweating, edging away. No wonder about my blue balls. It makes me want to die or weep, one of those and at the moment as they say writing means bleeding. So maybe if I get this out? The thing is it isn’t even porn in the traditional sense, women are beautiful but if you say that in some ways? I read somewhere that saying “creampie” is gross and “skeevy.” If a man says he and his wife are trying for a baby, then that is something to celebrate. but exactly how do people think that babies get here “Thoughts and Prayers?”

Nowadays I’ve had this thing for Portraits, and no I do not picture myself as Jack Dawson. Sure I will usually freeze around most women, write stories of the beautiful, and made covers. If it isn’t pure, young, and refreshing, it’s a MILF with damn near perfect blowjob lips and the most fuckable body. She’s proud of it, but I can’t tell her that. What woman wants to know she makes a man so hard but as a guy the idea that some woman is gushing over me? Yeah, I wouldn’t mind drowning and letting her ride my wood some.

No, I must be a gentleman, and to me, that means being the type of man I know that these girls deserve. The thing about that is, who wants to know all the things I’m doing to try and survive? It’s amazing the things you can find. Baby making music is one thing but “porn” minus visuals, where has Spotify been all my life. I’ve broken out old toys “Fleshlight,” and I hate wasting lube when I’m not going to do anything with anyone. Hell, I’m holding on, and some people would say edging counts as relapse, but no, at this rate let’s say I’ll only Hold The Door Will.

I Will Have No Fear