Friday, August 24, 2018

Episode 054 ~Write “Win Will You~

Hey Lady Sophia,
Give Me One Reason besides the fact that I’m printing bank slips, reading bills, and counting days until “The Day.” Aren’t they all saying the same damn thing? My daily life is a big screw job, as life writes my story instead. Here I was celebrating the fact that I would still have a place to put my writings, and then I get hit with a bill for $250.00. Of course, my idea of keeping this blog is at $335.00 dear Sophia.

If I’m going to have all this time off, I should be writing something shouldn’t I or at least reading. The most reading I have done this week is sitting in the car dealership waiting for bad news to come. Besides needing two new tires, yes the blog payment is coming due. Thank you ever so much “GoDaddy” for the $80.00 you snatched with auto-renew. Making it difficult to impossible to turn that shit off. I haven’t had this much frustration since I wanted to make Facebook forget The Day. You know what day I’m talking about, and yes I can’t say I’ve given it much thought with everything happening.

Writing should be my Plan A and the day job is Plan B but since I’m not working on Plan A what does that tell you? First, my son and now my ride need tender loving care. So I deserve the pain I’m in for splurging on lunch. Isn’t it ironic that I want my name everywhere and today it’s only seen bills and numbers in the bank? Now here I am writing about how much of a loser I’m being? So when will I write something positive Lady Sophia? One friend is living her life; another is making money in stocks. One more is attempting to get published in a magazine. She has two books already out, her poetry.

If writing is what I want to do with my life, I’m sure as Hell not doing it. Even talking to you I said it would take only two and half hours and even now I won’t make that deadline. Because I’m too busy “watching” my dreams. What’s that song “All I Do Is Win,” All I Do Is Write, or so I wish? As I only want to see somebody else in the mirror, the next time I see my name I want to see it on the cover of a book? Make that some movie credits or on a check but the question today, Write “Win” Will You?

I Will Have No Fear