Model For “Gulp”

I’m an author whose genre centers around Erotica and Fetishes taste. I’ll be publishing my first book by the end of the year. I’m looking for four or five ladies for a feature on the cover. While your faces won’t be in view; the working title is “GULP.” It will be open mouths. I will also be introducing a Patreon to help with book costs with other outlets of social media. Instagram, Twitter, etc. The shoot will include fifty-six pictures and seven videos. There’s a ten-minute intro. It continues with two-hours modeling, with different outfits and then in the nude. Full Nudity Is Required. Finally, there will ten-minute exit after reading a bit of my poetry. In this, I’ll hear your thoughts, review, tone. A brief rundown of time Modeling:

Ten-Minute Introduction
Twenty-Minutes First Outfit, 8 Pictures
Twenty-Minutes Second Outfit, 8 Pictures
Twenty-Minutes No Outfit, 8 Pictures
Thirty Minutes Fully Nude Modeling 8 Pictures
Ten-Minute Final Mouth, Lips 8 Pictures
Ten-Minute Outro
16 More Pictures Various
Total Time Two Hours

It’s a one hundred poem compilation, and no I’m not asking you to read all of it of course. What I am asking is for no more than three hours of your time. Clothes and props, along with fuel compensation, are my expense. Along with lunch, within reason. You’re free to bring whatever clothing makes you feel beautiful. Now, as I said, there would be clothing, but seeing this is for some erotic poetry, again nudity will be required. None of the nude photos will feature in the book. Only they will be used on Patreon, other media, and possible promotions. Your mouth and clothed photos will appear in the novel depending on the publisher. Depending on the overall result of sales and media, some models may gain additional sessions.

Any more work, of course, garners even further compensation. There’s also possible inclusion in another compilation. I’ve also written several erotica novels. There is always the chance for more inspiration.

I’m looking for women from the ages of 18 – 45. No prior experience is necessary. Preference is for brunettes and dark-haired women. I want to feature four or five different ladies. I can see a brunette, black, blonde, red, and some other color. Each lady will grace the cover representing twenty to twenty-five poems. Your hair gets framed around the face (The Cover). Not to be confused with shooting for porn. If anything, you will be alone in front of the camera. Girls Gone Wild meets Ahegao Face. Full Body through in bedrooms, shower, kitchen, and you taking direction. Also, I am looking for small and petite, no offense to anyone but the outfits range from that size for now. When the book goes public, again, considering sales, there may be a bonus. For now, you will only be paid for the shoot itself as it is defined right here.

$200 Pay + Lunch, Fuel

Thank You For Your Time

Area Code, Phone Number

Model Selections: Please allow 24-48 hours for author's response

Photos must be of you, and you must be at least 18 years of age or older when taken. Please upload photos that clearly show your face and your body. Photos must NOT have any filters (like Instagram), or photoshop applied. Age Verification Is Mandatory.
Do NOT submit sexually explicit photos. Nudity is ok. Submitted pictures will NOT be posted in public anywhere and are only used by the author in the process of selections.