An Air Of Cherry

Construction from his mighty hand
His mountains, the trees, the garden
Enamored this man does harden
Red Hot my Cherry Darlin’
Regretfully I cannot learn
yet to fly, if but to see

Collected treasures, greatest in all the land
How your heart does believe
Exploring your anatomy
Rocking, rolling, imagining
Rising to you Cherry, I burn
Yawing as Vesuvius takes me

Conceding not to make me one who can
Have his way as David did Goliath
Embracing you my Cherry in private
Rescinding said Sciences
Revealing that it is my turn
You and me, I’m sighing

Coughing, hacking, nothing that anyone can understand
Hoisted like a shepherd boy’s stone
Envying not who sits upon a throne
Regarding in him who sees your green eyes alone
Reveling in the taste of Cherry I yearn
Yelling though you won’t hear me my Cherie

Could this be Amour, shall I kneel or stand
Hits me much ado
Erotic nothings a hundred to a few
Ravishing evenings but without you
Receiving Cupid’s return
Yelps I remember my Cherry, tree

Concrete, marble, a boy a man
Helping myself to a pillar
Enjoying the thriller
Royal beauty and the one who has her
Rose Quartz, heart; as the gargoyle I wish I weren’t
Yes another pretty will set me free

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