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Man In The Mirror

Episode 294 ~Gee-whiz Or G Will~

Books make one smarter and rap music; not to give credence to any government study but I only listen to it when I’m angry, so I start each day feeling good, listening to my Show Me The Money playlist. Gee-whiz Or G Will

Episode 287 ~Nice And Slow Will~

“He’s slow,” well people are usually a lot crueler than that and when I am “taking my time” it will be because I have all the time in the world and a great big world to see, now I’m running around the Day Job and the words. “Nice And Slow Will.”

Episode 280 ~Hard Times Will Spent~

I’m a hard man, and for once I don’t mean that in a pervy way, or as a detriment, more like my fingers are hitting the keys, I have a roof over my head, last night went on forever, I was writing. “Hard Times Will Spent.”

Episode 273 ~Will Drown For Food~

Drinking more water, “trying” to get up and do some real work, staying cleaning and not lying in dirty clothes for the whole day; it all seems like so much that I can barely breathe but what’s the point. “Will Drown For Food”

Episode 266 ~You’ve Got Five Will~

I’m not good with so few words. Could I be so crass as to dole out two? I work my fingers to the bone instead of pushing and fighting. Don’t get me started on love except for money, five months remaining. You’ve Got Five Will

Episode 259 ~Will Can’t Be Broken~

It was more horrible than I could imagine Wednesday, you know how much I hate being stupid but how does the sight of stupidity hurt so much more, any plans for a good day at work Ha were shattered, smashed, broken. Will Can’t Be Broken

Episode 252 ~When Will, Will Win~

This week has been one more series of L’s, the days were long, the ladies were lovely, and the people were laughing… at me; what can I say I have a big “ugly” mouth and maybe that’s why I’m struggling to see myself, to hear. When Will, Will Win?

Episode 245 ~Ain’t For That Will~

As the song goes, “I ain’t for that walk,” the sadness from my couch to bed from another rejection, constantly worried at the day job until I get time to apologize, the doublethink of hoping she sees and then not. “Ain’t For That Will”

Episode 238 ~Will The Man Rise~

I don’t want to feel anything, in this world it’s wrong for men to know anything else besides rage and no I won’t be my “father,” but crying makes me a girl… wow, and my other emotions make me a stalker, pervert, monster. Will The Man Rise?

Episode 231 ~The Last Smile Will~

Some people make plans of how they’ll change the world, I have to find ways to shrink, don’t smile, keep your hands busy so they don’t become fists, new playlists to keep me centered. The Last Smile because how did one so many years ago turn out

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