Log 103 ~Will’s Super Toy Run~

What’s the game plan, but even now I only want to sleep; what is it about sex and horror as the song goes that wakes me up and at the same time exhausted me unless you have unlimited access aka money. Will’s Super Toy Run, or not?

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Log 103 ~Will’s Super Toy Run~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so you figure I’d be happier. After getting the car fixed Thursday, I had that brief inkling of being a successful adult. I said sometime this week that money turns me on. Of course, beautiful women as well. Is there anything sexier than good men that can handle their business? The only time I bother to look at myself in the mirror. Hell Lady Lu, I would trade my face for the wallet of dude that does Naughty Midwest Girls. How about whoever does hentai games like Hentai Key, Virgin Roster, and one I can’t thunder.

The only thing that should be loud today is my fingers hitting keys. Don’t I wish, but there will be crinkling dollars and dropped coins. I’m headed into the home stretch trying to be a good man and a terrific friend. Doesn’t that mean stop wanting to offer MILF Dos money and stop looking for models for now? Nope another found me only yesterday, but I’m not putting up another ad on Craigslist for a while. It was like entering a contest; “There’s a thousand pretty women waitin’ out there,” as Elvis sang. I’m not that old Lady Luna. I am old enough to remember Nickelodeon’s Super Toy Run. Was that once a year maybe but Supermarket Sweep was on the daily. Honestly, though, what do I need today to get where I’m going soon?

  1. Red Dress Shirt, Black Pants, A Pair Of Shoes
  2. Portable Battery
  3. Supplies For My Firstborn
  4. Groceries For The Week or Weak
  5. Something I Might Want To Get Laid In hmm
  6. Wedding Gift For Friend
  7. Holder For My Smartphone

You know how I am with my list, but this one I can’t ignore? I should have said that an hour or so ago all the alarms I ignored. Sunday to Friday, making money, and wouldn’t my book be a fix-it button. Right now, I’m like Hey Arnold in that episode, “The List.” How badly do I want to show off my age today? There was a time the Toy Run would be the best day ever, or when I thought $200.00 would make me a king. Again when I’m not admiring model agents, guys who have young women shoot porn, or brothel owners, I’m only a man. I wish I could buy a bunch of stuff to play with; someone, Will’s Super Toy Run.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 096 ~Alpha, Omega And Will~

The week before it was the Day Job, last week I needed to be a CEO, and this week, well with every Saturday it’s therapy with a bit of dream interpretation; beware hot brunettes, a new Asian girl, sex in general ha. “Alpha, Omega, And Will”

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Log 096 ~Alpha, Omega And Will~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and for once, I wasn’t dreaming for more. How am I ever supposed to stay motivated if I keep speaking like this, Lady Lu? I write the truth, and even Dennis Hof said, people, don’t change. Now I wonder is that what my dream was about last night. Now the Walking Dead starts tomorrow among other things. You remember Alpha don’t you but more so Lydia (Cassady McClincy). Here I am, with my weakness for a hot young brunette as always.

Once upon a time, it was Asian women. Now, this is more of a story for “Dirty Diana.” When I decided to “Come Up and Try My New Parts,” it was thanks to Victoria’s Secret catalogs. Still, it was something so “exotic about Asian women. My first real crush was Tina Nguyen (Tram-Anh Tran) from Ghostwriter. Sex and writing were tied up from an early age. When the Internet was born, one of my first searches was Princess Ayeka naked. Hell, that’s how I discovered Hentai. Now I’m a grown-ass man (LANGUAGE), and I’m still into Zone-Tan, the Hentai Key Girl, and Back Alley Hooker. Somehow I thought I moved on when I got “deep” ha into brunettes. Let me say again I believe all dreams contain messages, meanings, and the very best moans. So last night, it was an erotic smorgasbord of Asian women. I wake up this morning to discover Lydia has some Asian lineage inside her too.

Before I make a specific dick joke (LANGUAGE…), why is any of this important? You know I study dreams trying to prevent disaster. I talked about the new book I was reading that says you must live in Day-Tight Compartments. It also tells one to acknowledge the worst that can happen; you can move forward. My problem is I see the worse of others always. I then do things and think, oh fuck (LANGUAGE), for the tiniest “crimes.” Lady Luna it’s one reason I feel grimy. It’s my dirty dreams about Lydia, ravishing many hentai girls, and of course Maitland Ward. How about sexual Pinterest names for Olivia Holt? There was one particular redhead I had a board for, and I got so frightened I changed the name. Oh yeah, and locked it down too.

The beginning of life might be the end, meaning sex. Dreaming Alpha, Omega, And Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 089 ~Who’s The Boss Will~

Last week it was the idea of speaking at the Day Job, now I have to talk as the CEO of Second Circle Creations and as an author but as the song goes “Who gon’ pray for me?” Who’s The Boss Will, well I hate my managers, time to live the Dream Job

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Log 089 ~Who’s The Boss Will~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Millionaire right now, and I’ll be changing that come Sunday. One more thing in my pressing matters that I talked about yesterday. From being a slave to the Day Job. To stealing the plans for the Death Star, (my cash is in a Death Star). Then I am a friend to “Indiana Gone.” What about my Firstborn; now he is going to be pissed. All of that and now I have this moment. Well, minus the girl and getting up on time. Today though I don’t have time to lounge around for two hours.

Who’s the boss, well I did mention my Firstborn? He needed water, of course, so I stopped and got a bottle for myself. I cleaned his bathroom pad. In less than an hour he’ll be chomping at the bit for his walk. Parenthood but my child is the boss, and he knows of course. Okay in speaking of my dog what about the Basic Bitch (LANGUAGE)? I still hate to admit that I quit talking to you for so many years, Lady Luna. One girl calls me skeevy and here we are heading into the third year; what is the point? Hell, Porn has a point though I don’t have time for that right now either. Is it women or my penis that’s making the calls for me right now. I should say emails or texts, and there’s still time. Did I feel this way meeting Indiana Gone at first?

The Man In The Mirror is usually my Sunday gig. You know who I want to meet now though, The CEO of Second Circle Creations. He’s the man that writes the stories, picks the girls, directs the films, and God knows what else. Hell, I am not a man for prayer, but I could use some. I know plenty might say that about the men I look to as heroes. Lady Lu I’m not even getting that far right now, this is only a modeling job. Something I’m putting a lot of stake in and Tom Bilyeu would say the fear is right. It proves I care. Still a few parts of me wants to be the man that could win by words alone. Didn’t I say third year? I wish I could be like Katie O’Shaughnessy on YouTube. Now if I could do something beautiful and positive. My life, lust, Who’s The Boss Will?

I Will Have No Fear

Log 082 ~Will Sell Those F-Bombs~

If I had to speak at the “Day Job” on the daily, it would be nothing more than obscenities; strangely enough, one job makes me want to drop those bombs, and another is only a colorful word. “Will Sell Those F-Bombs”

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Log 082 ~Will Sell Those F-Bombs~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Millionaire right now, but I’m not exactly the best salesman on Earth. Yes, I’ve read a bit more of Dennis Hof’s book, my second reading. Now he was far from perfect, but he loved to? Anyway, I’m still trying to keep my mind off that particular F. The thing is my life revolves around three. FEAR, FAILURE, and FEMALES, the order changing depending on my mood. So how is that mood right now; I wish I could practice another F, forgetfulness to be honest.

Let’s focus on FAILURE, and how so, it hasn’t even been twenty-four hours. Hell again with my motivations but shouldn’t I focus on gratitude. I’m grateful that I had the money to buy that file uploader. How about having the courage to forge down this path? It’s a mixed bag this, fake it till you make it approach. Of course, all the motivations say that you have to believe first and foremost. While I’m going off on phrasing, what about spending money to make it Lady Lu? In the book Think And Grow Rich or The Secret talked about you can’t control every thought but if you feel happy? Money and Friendship, I care for “Indiana Gone” but her wedding SIGH. I’m not experiencing the Fear but the expense of it all, being a man.

Rule 102 and 001, a man shouldn’t be afraid all of the time. FEAR is my constant and what gets me moving along. How much stuff did I have to get rid of only so I could add that upload form? What about the Craigslist Ad or even Facebook, afraid to be me and why?

Like Marcus put it “Bitches man” (LANGUAGE). Must I be so crass, I tell Cherry about language, there’s a time for it of course. Anyway, contrary to popular belief, I respect FEMALES. Nobody asks why I do what I do ever. I’ve said it before I’ve written for guys for their girls. The internet knows enrichment with porn. I’m not even going down that road at the moment, but yes, I like to add beauty to the world. Some like guns, some cars, and we all love a bit of money don’t we Lady Lu. Bullets, Booze, Bullion, and Babes, pick your poison. Like Nicolas Cage in Lord of War, I have to empty the plane and be a necessary evil. Will Sell Those F-Bombs.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 075 ~How Many Wills Later~

As the song goes Gotta Have The Money if you want to get the honey and that I have, well until October perhaps or the next pretty face; still makes me feel like a schoolboy but what’s my age again? “How Many Wills Later”

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Log 075 ~How Many Wills Later~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Millionaire right now, and it’s been one week since “The Day.” Well, that’s having faith that I will survive the rest of this day (Friday the 13th). Indiana Gone got me close to a machete for Christmas last year. Anyway, time to focus on one more revolution around the sun. Two weeks in and how close am I to that million? $10.00 down from this week and last. Still there’s life in me, haven’t even checked how long I’ve gone without Fapping. Oh and porn, only educational, or ripping off ExCoGi’s model pages right?

With all the writing I do, I’ve never written a will. I’m not suicidal but if there was a button to end it all right now? Yeah, I would press it by accident. I’ve announced I’m going to die over the years. There have been some attempts, but if I died today who would get all my stuff? Hell, how much am I offering models these days? Lady Lu that’s what nobody understands, that rush, adrenaline, motivation. Sex is one thing but when I got MILF Dos to take off her clothes. You know having that sort of power, I want more. It’s not like I’m going into photography anytime soon. How many times in one week have I told you about my studies? When I was back in school I never hungered for knowledge most days. History was my subject, and some science but they never teach you the fun stuff. The wrong word?

The things that make you proud that get you to say, I want to do that one day. I might not have the patience, which explains today. Once a week on Craigslist, posting would be $260.00. I paid more for my first model. Should math be my subject now? I hated that above all others. Didn’t stop me from wasting about an hour again, working on a model page. How many days has it been since I talked to Outskirts Press? As the song goes, “Cause I just wanna look good for you.” My novel and funny how they were barking until they got my money and now radio silence. Publishers along with the rest of the world since “The Day.” One more reason I call it that, the end of my existence Lady Lu. When anybody cares again I ask How Many Wills Later.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 345 ~You Got Will’s Number

Killing two birds with one stone or feeding them with one scone. I hope my wife is more understanding than vegans or Peta perhaps. Anyway even Dennis Hof was married once but my ambitions. You Got Will’s Number

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Episode 345 ~You Got Will’s Number~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Millionaire right now. Today I got a call from Outskirts Press wanting to give me more money. Visualization can be a powerful thing, my love. Even when I imagined you, and talk about thinking of good. Again I’m finding it hard without cursing myself or others, you know I can tell you what I want. Now I won’t ask you to promise you won’t get mad. By this point, you’re the Ava Fontaine to my Yuri Orlov. Only I don’t lie to you, and if anything, I value life. So here are Twenty Goals I Have For My Life.

  1. I AM Writing A Bestselling Novel. I Have Fifty Shades Of Grey (Sales) Millions
  2. I AM Buying Multi-Million Dollar Homes. Nevada, California, New York, Alabama “A Greystone Property.”
  3. I AM Marrying A Woman Between Katelyn Nacon, Haley Pullos, Sydney Sweeny. Alycia Debnam-Carey, Lexi Ainsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, etc.
  4. I AM Watching B III Play With His Many Siblings, Two Sons One Daughter
  5. I AM Opening A Brothel In Nevada (Carson City)
  6. I AM Opening A Restaurant With M. Amine as Head Chef or Head Manager
  7. I AM Hiring Contractors From Japan To Help In Construction Of A “Love Hotel”
  8. I AM Opening A Gentlemen’s Club Nearby As Well
  9. I AM Opening A Movie Studio For My Stories like “Pure Taboo,” “Fetish Network”
  10. I AM Writing Other Stories And Novels Of Course
  11. I AM Helping “Indiana Gone” With School And Her Ranch (Dogs, Cats, Piggies, etc.)
  12. I AM Helping “Okay” Start A Full Business And Spend Time With Her Family
  13. I AM Helping “Cherry” Publish More Titles. I’ll Hire Her Myself For International Connections
  14. I AM Paying Off My Olds, One Million Dollars And $100,000 For Each Year They Bankrolled Me After Eighteen
  15. I AM Making Sure My Little Sister, And Half- Brothers Are Okay (With Our Father Shudders)
  16. I AM Helping Out My Adopted Big Sister, My Kids Crazy Aunt, And MILF Dos As Well
  17. I AM Starting My Network Channel For Cosplayers. Sex-Ed, Reactors, Adult Entertainment, And Gamers
  18. I AM Starting Two Modeling Agencies, One In The US Another In Europe “TTB?”
  19. I AM Accomplishing All This Before 40. My First Million Will Come on June 30, 2019. Whatever It Takes
  20. I AM Tyrion Lannister In How I’ll Meet Death

“In my own bed, at the age of 80 with a belly full of wine and a girl’s mouth around my cock.” Tyrion Lannister GOT

Caesar was ambitious, but I want you to see everything I love in life, and that’s everything. All the money I have well, I love you more, and I trust you. Isn’t that what today is about, I don’t trust anybody. I have friends though, people I want to help, and hell this is a short list of goals in no particular order. Do I love you or the art more? That’s why you’re my muse baby girl and always will be my love. In any book makes you number one You Got Will’s Number.

I Will Have No Fear

At The Age of Occasional Wellness

What’s my age again, what’s my age again, the dog and I are old men without a doubt and I wonder what his life goals were, better his than mine, because he at least has a chance I suppose? “At The Age of Occasional Wellness”

What big I’s you got?
The better to see no one’s coming
but if you expected nothing…
At any time, you can stop
looking and maybe jot
this down to one more day of succumbing
to your greatest sin, becoming
more “hopeful” in your old age and that’s a lot

Because what big zeros you see
There aren’t a lot, quality over quantity
know your place, keep your place and be
a shoe, and that’s not a big number, but geez
it beats your age and keeps out the laughter of this comedy
Walking away from your curiosity
Zero to hero, there’s the possibility

These words, these words, these words, big and small
might as well be on other planets
or thrown away by the force of habit
Maybe not even written at all
That is why there are so many places to fall
Oops, oh my, ow, tragic
There is no need to can it
I’d say if there were anyone to call

then what’s with all the holes
cause I got enemies, got a lot of enemies
my wishes, dreams, and quite a few deities
better known as girls, when I would rather sell my soul
for any margin of control
of my mental facilities
At the age of thirty-three
It was never a life goal

Only obeying, obtaining, obsessing over, obvious occasions occasionally okay

Copyright © 2017, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.