Log 096 ~Alpha, Omega And Will~

The week before it was the Day Job, last week I needed to be a CEO, and this week, well with every Saturday it’s therapy with a bit of dream interpretation; beware hot brunettes, a new Asian girl, sex in general ha. “Alpha, Omega, And Will”

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Log 096 ~Alpha, Omega And Will~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and for once, I wasn’t dreaming for more. How am I ever supposed to stay motivated if I keep speaking like this, Lady Lu? I write the truth, and even Dennis Hof said, people, don’t change. Now I wonder is that what my dream was about last night. Now the Walking Dead starts tomorrow among other things. You remember Alpha don’t you but more so Lydia (Cassady McClincy). Here I am, with my weakness for a hot young brunette as always.

Once upon a time, it was Asian women. Now, this is more of a story for “Dirty Diana.” When I decided to “Come Up and Try My New Parts,” it was thanks to Victoria’s Secret catalogs. Still, it was something so “exotic about Asian women. My first real crush was Tina Nguyen (Tram-Anh Tran) from Ghostwriter. Sex and writing were tied up from an early age. When the Internet was born, one of my first searches was Princess Ayeka naked. Hell, that’s how I discovered Hentai. Now I’m a grown-ass man (LANGUAGE), and I’m still into Zone-Tan, the Hentai Key Girl, and Back Alley Hooker. Somehow I thought I moved on when I got “deep” ha into brunettes. Let me say again I believe all dreams contain messages, meanings, and the very best moans. So last night, it was an erotic smorgasbord of Asian women. I wake up this morning to discover Lydia has some Asian lineage inside her too.

Before I make a specific dick joke (LANGUAGE…), why is any of this important? You know I study dreams trying to prevent disaster. I talked about the new book I was reading that says you must live in Day-Tight Compartments. It also tells one to acknowledge the worst that can happen; you can move forward. My problem is I see the worse of others always. I then do things and think, oh fuck (LANGUAGE), for the tiniest “crimes.” Lady Luna it’s one reason I feel grimy. It’s my dirty dreams about Lydia, ravishing many hentai girls, and of course Maitland Ward. How about sexual Pinterest names for Olivia Holt? There was one particular redhead I had a board for, and I got so frightened I changed the name. Oh yeah, and locked it down too.

The beginning of life might be the end, meaning sex. Dreaming Alpha, Omega, And Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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