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Episode 350 ~The Devil’s Innocent Will~

What a difference a week makes, last time I was all set for one word “CONGRATULATIONS” despite everything and this one, three little words, not what you think, and that’s a warning if you want to continue. “The Devil’s Innocent Will” but me

Episode 349 ~Who, What, When, Will~

This week I should have been asking the question of how much money am I going to make, but I still haven’t sent in my book. Hell, I trust writers of fiction but publishers and what about myself to be honest. Who, What, When, Will.

Episode 343 ~The Book Of Will~

Now I have two heads that hurt, well one I should ignore if I stop gazing at pretty girls. Still, not counting it as porn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, some fond memories on Messenger (drools). “The Book Of Will,” well I’m selling my soul

Episode 342 ~Will Is Turning Japanese~

You want to put a price on human life, for a night over a thousand dollars, for a piece of my soul $22.00 and change and I would only get $3.00 back, but math has never been my strong suit and no offense to Asian culture but; Will Is Turning Japanese

Episode 336 ~Ow Went Will’s Head~

Now I know why I lounge around in bed all day and why they called Daria “The Misery Chick” thinking hurts and most people have nothing but small talk, the big question that rests on my shoulders though. “Ow Went Will’s Head.”

Episode 335 ~Will’s The Magic Word~

Morpheus said something to the tune of, “don’t think you are, know you are,” so I am rich, but I am also upset, and let’s said nine other things, but the only Treachery I find is with myself. “Will’s The Magic Word”

Episode 329 ~Willing Open Treasure CHEST~

Sometimes it’s as if I’m Link from The Legend Of Zelda, jumping from chest to chest but at least he gets something for his trouble and has all the time in the world to figure it out; I have THREE MONTHS. Willing Open Treasure Chest, or Pandora’s Box.

Episode 328 ~Will And The Bee~

Last week I talked about becoming Iron Will, but I would prefer Gold, and where would I spend all of it anyway, well we know that but how am I going to get it in three months, repeat it, June, July, August. “Will And The Bee”

Episode 322 ~Five More Minutes Will~

Usually, I’m a friend to the Earth but I’m more worried about two other blue balls, and it all started with me not wanting to get out of bed in the morning and reading “Breaking Beth” by Jennifer Bene, for more innocent days. “Five More Minutes Will”

Episode 321 ~The Will To Assemble~

From Ill-Will to Iron Will and I’m hoping to work a bit of alchemy maybe or could I become like “Ironman,” no spoilers from me but if you haven’t seen that movie yet, where have you been, as for me. The Will To Assemble.

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