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Episode 218 ~Anxiety’s A Bitch, Not Her~

Dear Anxiety, she’s either the girl I am continually paying for, or she’s my “Daddy,” so it’s a good thing I’m finally sitting down to write this although it’s late, yeah anxiety never let me out to play. Anxiety’s A Bitch Not Her

Episode 187 ~Will Asks A Director~

What’s today’s story, I’ll let you know when I’m back holding the pen, B III needs me to go and get his papers, I got to talk to a girl about some mean green, and I’m sure somebody out there needs me for a joke. “Will Asks A Director,” or becomes one

Episode 180 ~Sick Of Know Will~

Well aren’t I running late today with everything, bills, conversation, and I’m sure there is a NO someplace, but that would require asking the question and don’t I think I know everything hmm? Sick Of Know Will

Episode 173 ~Purposeful Listlessness Of Will~

Top ten actresses, best places to build a brothel, and could Santa carry a billion dollars in his bag, I’m sure I could think of a few ways, but no I instead count other “things” or not, *sigh* so many sheep. Purposeful Listlessness Of Will

Episode 166 ~Wills I Never Read~

I haven’t taken time to read lately, maybe because the truth absorbs me rather than fiction, let’s be real most words nowadays… hell, I’m creative, and others are liars and my look what time it is. “Wills I Never Read” but met hmm

Episode 048 ~When, Will, Will Wake~

From comfy clothes, bed, and doggy, to blue jeans, a chair, and the annoyance which is the human race, but someone said your comfort zone is the enemy, or maybe it’s just the company, fear, anger, and a good idea. When Will, Will Wake.

Episode 041 ~The Right Of Will~

It would have been something to get arrested in my “comfy clothes” but the police had the wrong address, and that senior couple had the wrong dog… like I would ever give up my little boy but sleep, that’s a privilege, not a right. “The Right Of Will”

Episode 034 ~Getting Behind The Will~

Last week it was getting out of bed, and this week it was getting behind the wheel, and there is no time for baby steps, I’ve run like a madman for most of my life, and I would take an “ACME” rocket despite the consequences. “Getting Behind The Will”

Episode 027 ~Tell Me Your Will~

Heads up, it’s danger ahead, or I’m fighting back my anxiety, and before all of that I need to get out of bed, and people always said that I had a big head, because I’m so full of ideas and I have to breathe right? Tell Me Your Will

Episode 020 ~To Defeat The Huns~

People face many things throughout their day, but the worst one for me is people, and today I’ll have to do just that or not since I’ll have to check bathrooms and fitting rooms and it’s my business to make money. “To Defeat The Huns.”

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