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Episode 275 ~But Will I Love~

I hate my day job so I’m always ready to run out of there but I love my writing, and that’s why I’m sitting here at, what time is it; and of course I wouldn’t leave the right woman, won’t go getting tired of her. “But Will I Love”

Episode 268 ~A Will Of Curiosity~

I wish somebody knew me as well as my dog, whenever somebody asks me questions about myself, it’s for dirt, if they read me, they are looking for the worse in me, and nobody appreciates my fandoms yet when I ask about someone. A Will Of Curiosity not

Episode 267 ~Success’s An Option, Failure’s Not~

What do I want at this moment, to get out of a shift at work and at first I would say I’m afraid; no it’s because I don’t want those “people” to get there rocks off making me stupid, that’s a success. Success’s An Option; Failure’s Not

Episode 261 ~Add It Up, Will~

In love with love, no, how about a girl, as for now, still living that bachelor life, and becoming obsessed with Detroit: Become Human, Crave, and work is killing me; not even enough for a drug habit. “Add It Up, Will,” Love Is All You Need

Episode 254 ~Will You Maddy Me~

Well this “experiment” is a lesson learned and awfully “creepy,” but I was tired enough to try it out anyway so yeah I may be sticking with the “Dear Future Wife” motif but Amandla Stenberg is hot as Maddy. Will You Maddy Me?

Episode 247 ~Babe Will Baby Will~

I was “The Walking Dead” at the Day Job this morning, and I asked myself, why do I do it, besides keeping BIII and myself fed; he cries when I’m gone I bet and I want to but if I had more family? Babe Will Baby Will

Episode 240 ~Will Becomes A Philosopher~

I read two types of books, boy loves the girl, or a man who loves life, put them together you get a fairytale and yet I’m no prince, beasts, or lovable who knows what but if I read enough, study, dare to ask. Will Becomes A Philosopher

Episode 233 ~Will Becomes A Geologist~

I’ve never been one for shiny rocks, I find life hard enough, and if I ever publish a book I want so much cold hard cash, and as I heard on an episode of “Daria” money can make anyone beautiful, but so can Love On The Rocks. Will Becomes A Geologist.

Episode 226 ~Caesar Was Ambitious Will~

I think I was more like Brutus today because I completely butchered my feelings today but is it not ambitious to try once every week talking to the future wife, yeah that’s a job position nobody wants, Step Into My World. “Caesar Was Ambitious Will.”

Episode 219 ~Will Walk With Me~

“Run boy run” as the song goes and the sitting down only gives me more time to think about the job I’m running away from or getting kicked out of, what about exercise and then again Office Space much? “Will Walk With Me”

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