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Inspector Echo

Episode 227 ~B III Will Shatter~

Again another butchery but I am going to see a horror movie, and the only thing I ever baked was a cookie, and my little boy can’t have that; Happy Birthday B III, finally got your birthday picture. “B III Will Shatter.”

Episode 220 ~Gutless, Guiltless, Girl-Less, Will~

Rule Fifteen, “I Take My Own Lumps,” if I do something wrong, I take responsibility, according to my motivations you must with every area life, even when other people are stupid, but like Spectrum it still sucks. “Gutless, Guiltless, Girl-Less, Will”

Episode 213 ~Fanging Innocence, Not Will~

Does the wolf ever smile, does Jason, I would be ever so much worse if I were Freddy, but I tend not to loiter on Elm Street, but a man will dream, and since I’m not grinding my teeth, this isn’t Hell but as for Heaven. “Fanging Innocence, Not Will.”

Episode 206 ~All Greek To Will~

Too many talking heads, too many voices, and so many versions of what happened today, not that I’m giving a detailed explanation because I would speak more gibberish and hell this isn’t Dirty Diana’s day but not mine either, “All Greek To Will.”

Episode 199 ~Willing To Be Footloose~

Big confessions of 2019 and I said it before but what a way to start the year; B III and I are making it though, and if only everyone knew forgiveness as he does, yeah three shots would leave anyone PO’ed what about nine? Willing To Be Footloose

Episode 192 ~A Will Too Late~

I believe I do have some pretty cool stuff but keeping some hard cold cash *sigh*, and with enough of it maybe I could stop time for a moment, though more likely buy it or make it. A Will Too Late, no never, I know what time it is

Episode 185 ~Ink And Drive Will~

Reasons I would get a tattoo, one for B III, to show I’m a survivor even as “Ill Will,” or for a pretty girl, and which one have I done this week; how about why I’m a writer, spend more time with my kid, making a living, and girls. Ink And Drive Will

Episode 178 ~A Professional Eraser Will~

Writer’s Block, yeah in a way because I have no clue what I was thinking today and then we had yesterday, I broke out of my place, got into a present, and of course cracked open one more book, and became someone else, sigh. A Professional Eraser Will

Episode 171 ~Just Facts It Will~

The good thing about writing fiction is I can tell myself a story every night and tomorrow morning and then when it comes to setting my fingers to the task suddenly I have writer’s block so let me tell the truth. Just Facts It Will

Episode 164 ~The Dogs Of Will~

Warriors Come Out And Write, or maybe I should be reading, yes definitely but I was busy fighting back sleep and losing might I add, didn’t even take an energy shot today but war leaves destruction. The Dogs Of Will

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