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Log 016 ~Will Find FINE Princesses~

It’s amazing what you can do when you don’t want to sleep; last night it was staring into the void until 1:00 AM, tonight it was 5,000 words, so I’m less than 10,000 away from the finish line but on being a good man. Will Find FINE Princesses

Log 015 ~Will Needs A Mirror~

I don’t think a girl has ever asked me, “does this dress make me look fat” and I learned from Cory Matthews never to tell the “absolute” truth about everything, I guess it pays not to be a prize myself. “Will Needs A Mirror.”

Log 014 ~Live Or Die, Your Choice~

Get busy living or well you know the alternative right and by now I should have a Master’s in ditch digging, though I truly wish I could be as smart as Jigsaw or even The Origami Killer, it’s more acceptable than my writing. Live Or Die, Your Choice.

Log 013 ~Will To The Choir~

Sorry, this should be Lady Sophia’s wheelhouse, but work calls or maybe it’s y stomach, starving artist, plenty of money but I don’t want to leave until I work out this story and most Drive-Thur places think I’m a girl. “Will To The Choir.”

Log 012 ~Can Only Learn Will~

Last week around this time I spoke about motivation, but today it’s been all about wasting time despite all the writing that I got done, and I can’t say I’m too proud of it, but I can always edit; am I serious? Can Only Learn Will

Log 011 ~How I Will Tomorrow~

“Some of you love sleep more than you love success,” Eric Thomas said, and that’s one more reason I should be; no I won’t get upset, positive vibes and tomorrow will be better I keep saying. How I Will Tomorrow

Log 010 ~Man Made Monsters Will~

The freaks come out at night as the song goes, so tonight I decided to stay in, though in the back of my mind there is a former brain surgeon taking advantage of a robot he built, though I’m more for “natural.” “Man Made Monsters Will”

Log 009 ~Following Weirdos, Women, Willies~

For today I’m running from my writing though I have two thousand words down and I’m still a few days ahead of Camp NaNoWriMo, but I’ve wasted so much of my life, and B III should have better. Following Weirdos, Women, Willies

Log 008 ~Will Has Heart BUM~

As far as I know Link and Princess Zelda never got married, of course, Luke found out Princess Leia was his sister and where was Nakia for T’Challa in the Avengers films, is it easier being a hero than a husband, Thy Art Courageous? Will Has Heart BUM

Log 007 ~Your Business Always Comes First~

My business is here, the first week down of the new blog year but I should be thinking about the word count for my novel amongst other things, publishing one of my poetry books at some point. Your Business Always Comes First.

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