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Episode 263 ~Your French Girls Will~

I have had so many muses, from A to B and they have all been pretty and wrong for me, and if it isn’t one bodily fluid, it’s another, sex and horror as Frankie Goes to Hollywood put it. Where’s an iceberg when I need it? Your French Girls Will

Episode 258 ~Blind Faith To Will~

Do I still think I can see into the future, I wrote this Wednesday, and I saw this day going a lot better, only I wasn’t blind to some girl, I know what I need to do, and tomorrow sigh. Blind Faith To Will

Episode 256 ~Will’s Mad For Maddy~

The second part of my experiment and is it scary that I find this last half better than the first about Amandla Stenberg a.k.a. “Madeline Whittier,” now that was so creepy, or so I guess, but I am a madman. Will’s Mad For Maddy

Episode 251 ~I’m Staying Alive Will~

If you don’t have your health; the thing is I think I know what will fix this but after that monster headache, no more energy shots for a while but my poor characters t if I stay awake today. I’m Staying Alive Will.

Episode 249 ~Will’s Insatiable To Addiction~

“Love” is a disease and “Lust” is a drug but which is more expensive; I would say I don’t pay for porn but I’m an addict, not a liar and anything stronger may rip me apart, something about last week’s heart and private. Will’s Insatiable To Addiction

Episode 242 ~Man, You’re Lining Will~

Close your eyes, shut your mouth, and if you’re lucky it will go away; one of my motivations says that pain is temporary, another says that your greatest fear may come true, another says I’m going to make it. “Man, You’re Lining Will.”

Episode 158 ~An Air Of Will~

Ball gags, panties, and girls to wear them that is me being nice because I want people to shut up for a while, my anxiety spiked today, and it was like I couldn’t breathe, and what was it I wanted in that moment, who knows. “An Air Of Will”

Episode 110 ~Enemies Wills And Writes~

Who doesn’t have an enemy, you could be sitting in a monstery and Tibet, and some monk is giving somebody grief, and how much is a shiny rock in comparison to a weapon. “Enemies Wills And Writes”

Episode 103 ~File It Under Will~

It won’t be a best seller or some grandiose poem, not some song lyric that everyone gets wrong on Youtube, how a movie line that shows how the guy gets the girl *sigh* nope it will be how I didn’t get into a fight at work. “File It Under Will,” FAME.

Episode 096 ~An Inkling Of Will~

Tattoos can become addicting they say, and that’s only one of many things that I have to remember in this life, and I don’t think of myself as much of a multitasker or disciplined, so about sitting here? “An Inkling Of Will.”

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