Log 325 ~The Way Up Will~

As Aerosmith once put it, “Love in an Elevator,” now that’s something to put on a “certain” list though I’m sure my collection has a few examples of it. If I want it to happen, though, I should get a few other things up first. “The Way Up Will.”

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Log 325 ~The Way Up Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and even more if I start thinking with the big head instead of the little one. Well, I’m here, aren’t I? It’s Sunday, and I’ve traveled four days into the future. Yes, I hate the Day Job, my dick is up more often than me, but damn there’s always boobs.

Boobalicious/Milk Junkies, what I would give to be so creative, to touch, to feel. No Dirty Diana, the name of the game these days is profit. Hell, I’ve been all over Onlyfans these days, but I only talk to boobs I “know.” I’m still on the concept that a woman has to aim higher with me. My brain, the beat of my heart, someone who makes me want to surrender my bucks. Speaking of which, if I wasn’t so busy trying to sell books, I would want to review hentai. Wasn’t I talking about going all body-wise myself when it came to Onlyfans last week? The things a lack of Fapping leads to, but again being Sunday, I’m still going strong at eleven days. I didn’t even break out my Fleshlight yesterday. You know I get all into sex toys and “stranger” fetishes of mine.

Now I don’t mean the “Boobless Wonder” Anna Vlasova, aka Alissa or Rebecca from MarvelCharm. It doesn’t bother me at all, only you know that I can name other models, of course. I’ve even gone back to MILF Dos a time or two, and you know she has an impressive set. She’s a good girl, a good woman I should say and wasn’t I talking about holy women and kimonos last week. So what gets me higher than that Dirty Diana or more to the point who. The mind reels.

Some time ago it was trains and buses and now Love in an Elevator. Kininaru Kimochi 1-3 but the fourth one? I guess someone got bored, but I will never get tired of TITS. I could sit here today for hours telling you every single movie. From “Debbie Does Dallas” to the Discipline series. Using sex to make money is not a hard concept… okay, I did not just say that Dirty Diana. My point is even Think and Grow Rich, talks about harnessing the sex instinct. On top of doing what you love, motivations.

So where am I going, what’s The Way Up Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 318 ~Howling, Hot Here’s Willy~

As the “Fresh Prince” once said, “Hurt Me, Hurt Me,” though I’m more a sadist, to be honest, it’s just the way I get all “warm and tingly,” or how I’m buying my ticket to Hell perhaps. Howling, Hot Here’s Willy

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Log 318 ~Howling, Hot Here’s Willy~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I must be a HOT commodity. Again this is going to be one of those conversations. Brought to you by the letter H. I will also yet again blame Girlfriend Reviews. Should Your Boyfriend Play Nier: Automata? Yeah, seeing as I feel some kind of way towards 2B and Commander White. Not that I have much time to play video games, and I’m on day six of NO FAP. Which leads me into today and what is getting me hot, besides liking alliteration.

HUMILIATION, how many times must we talk about it? I don’t know as long as I like the real stories from some women. You know the language that I always prefer the whole word “Whore” in comparison to “HO.” Loving the way a girl moans and groans it, her cries. HOWLING, and no, I don’t mean like a wolf. For a man like me who enjoys getting his cock sucked, I like loud girls. No, not that kind of loud if you know what I mean. Bedroom noise, not waste my time gibberish. For a girl to choose you, over-breathing, blowjobs, or my name. HOLY, a divine experience. I do enjoy good girls, no doubt, and between maids and nuns. For some reason, I’ve gotten it into my head that kimonos are holy, but I know they were usual. Between Kurenai, Fuu, this Mob/Mafia game I played on Facebook, and others well cue Homer Drool.

HEAVY, not in the slightest, but what about the likes of Momokun who showed off her ta-tas? I won’t lie, I’m still hoping to see Cherry’s, but I haven’t asked in quite a while. As skinny as I am Dirty Diana, where do I get off? On BBWs, but not today, keep it in my pants. HOPING though to be a father someday. Is pregnancy sexy? There was this girl I wanted to date that got knocked up. Watching wrestling last night, Becky Lynch, announced she’s pregnant. In The Eve of a Cherry, one of my characters was expecting. Beautiful MILFS. HOT yet, Dirty Diana? Time marches on, and the things that get me going damn me to Hell ever more so. I was at the Day Job, and my temperature climbed; I’m not sick.

Well, at least not with the Coronavirus but my pending desires, Howling, Hot Here’s Willy.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 154 ~Heroes Die Or Must Watch~

Last week I talked about being hurt, you know who gets a lot of that, heroes unless you’re Superman maybe and at this stage in the game I’m far more Marvel than DC, that’s the truth, but I’m also no hero. Heroes Die Or Must Watch.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Log 154 ~Heroes Die Or Must Watch~

Hundred And Thirteenth Rule

Madam Justice,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I’m no hero. Well, sure, I walked my Dæmon around a pretty big dog today. I might have stopped following people on Twitter because I want to be a better man. So what I had a big lunch today and I’m fighting off sleep. Madam Justice, I wouldn’t mind being the hero, but I’m not. Wasn’t I telling Cherry the other day about Climate Change and how people should worry and be fearful? What am I doing to save the Earth? How about a friend who’s hurting? I wouldn’t help merely out of the kindness of my heart, sad to say?

As one rule goes, Heroes Die. If that’s the case, I want to live. Yes, I heard what I said, and to be clear, I’m not a doctor either. I should stop talking about my ear before I end up like Left Ear from The Italian Job. We’ll get back to my love of movies later. One more thing I’m thinking about is charity. I’m sure you’ve heard me say it before, but I only give to animals and NaNoWriMo. Madam Justice, I will never understand why the least amongst us are always asked to pay. There are people with billions that don’t even pay taxes. One day I will stop repeating myself, but I told you before my aunt said I wanted to destroy the world. Why would I do anything like that, there’s no profit in that undertaking. I’m also not Ozymandias; Talk about a hero to villain.

Okay, so movies, name one where the world became a utopia? Heroes fight, but they will be fighting forever, leaving wars to their children. You know, depending on the circumstances, I can watch pain. I read the His Dark Materials series, and they talk about building the Republic of Heaven where they are. It’s no place else but here and now Madam Justice. I don’t want to destroy the world, but I don’t think I can save it either. How about one more movie, The Core. A scientist was trying to keep his family; only three people alive because it was too much to save everyone. You know I would die for my Dæmon no question but to give him and a family a future? Down With President Trump. Black Lives Matter, whatever Greta Thunberg goes on about but me?

Heroes Die Or Must Watch

I Will Have No Fear

Log 147 ~Laughter Shouldn’t Have To Hurt~

Wouldn’t it be comical if it weren’t so sad that I could have finished my book going on two days now, but I treat “my life” as though it were a joke, well like my writing, and who am I hurting? Laughter Shouldn’t Have To Hurt

Monday, November 25, 2019

Log 147 ~Laughter Shouldn’t Have To Hurt~

Hundred And Twelfth Rule

Madam Justice,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I won’t accept being a clown. There was a period in my life well, yeah, I wanted to be a comedian. Why you might ask, comedians tell the truth. It could be because I was confronting one of my biggest fears. You can speak your story and avoid hurting people. Of course, you know, causing others pain is a mixed bag for me. For the sake of any “publicity” today. The whole truth and nothing but Madam Justice, I’ve always been the joke. It’s the difference between being Dr. Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s monster. People get confused.

You see, I laugh, but it’s like A&W trying to figure me out today. Tony Baker is hilarious, TWD Reactors bring me joy, my dæmon is a Riot Maker. I’m grateful that I felt some genuine giggles today. At the same time, I had to put on my joker’s masks to keep from crying. I hardly ever go back and read yesterday’s gripe, but I notice they are starting to sound the same. As if I’d hear it, my ear is acting up. I won’t put such ideas out into the universe again, but what did Connie say about a SUPERPOWER? I don’t like the sound of my voice, and my laughter is only another sound because I lack the right words. Take The “Wrist” Of Playing Chrono; for example. My words are supposed to mean something more, Madam Justice.

When I hear people’s laughter, nine out of ten times, it’s not a good thing. Lucy fools Charlie Brown all the time, and sure she finds it hilarious. Why can’t I ever remember her laughing at him when it comes to kicking footballs? People laugh at me to avoid telling the truth and sad to admit, but that makes me sound like them. How about the number of times we text LOL as some qualifying protection filter? One more way of saying “like,” and I’m sure I’ve said that somewhere throughout our time together. I almost forgot about my biggest pet peeve when it comes to laughter; the phrase “just kidding.” Ellen DeGeneres said anyone saying that after hurting someone else. Well, they don’t know how to kid. I’ve laughed at people, but the world is confusing, Family Guy Charlie.

The comedian’s dead, if I hurt people I’m honest too, Laughter Shouldn’t Have To Hurt.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 058 ~The Time Traveler’s Will~

If only I were in such a rush for love as I am to panic about everything, today it was my computer and then my four-legged son just waiting around for his daddy to be happy, but he wants a mom too. “The Time Traveler’s Will.”

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Episode 058 ~The Time Traveler’s Will~

Dear Future Wife,
Give Me One Reason because you know I can’t stand being late; sadly this is one of those times you wish I’d look at my phone because my watch tends to run pretty fast and that’s the time I do abide. I hate numbers but I love you, and this is only one more reason why, because you stop time or at least disrupt it; since when did you become The Time Traveler’s Wife, I suppose that’s a day I shouldn’t forget after all it’s our Anniversary.

Is it; as if I need one more thing to panic about today with everything but how do you do that to my heart, you make it skip a beat, you rev it up, and then there is this peace that settles over me. When we first met, I was frozen and then came the Slow Motion the way I was looking at you and how my feet were cinderblocks and then rushing for dates, The Flash when it came to wanting to spend my life with you and even faster chasing the kids. My words, where you once left me breathless and then What’s My Age Again, am I a schoolboy or an old man having a Senior moment, or maybe I should ask your age once more I swear You’re Timeless To Me.

Like my phone right, keeping up with the appointments, the playlist, There Goes My Baby, of course, I have so many pictures of you frozen in time is it any wonder that I’m in a rush to find my way back to you? You know my theory that the world will end in five minutes and with you, it’s as if I have already found my way to paradise and I don’t have to worry about anything. Back then I prayed for twenty seconds… what I needed the courage and five seconds earlier that day to get out of bed and the man I was before all of this Love?

He and every other evolution of myself promised you forever, and that is a promise I intend on keeping, and of course, I don’t need any watch for that, I have the home we built together, my dog who has probably been waiting longer to make sure I would be okay. Isn’t that what I said once upon a time, I’m okay but with you, who I am, The Way I Am, baby girl I could never imagine there would come a time that I would be… happy, so Close Your Eyes and Wander because it’s The Time Traveler’s Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 016 ~Sorry To Bother You~

I’m not one for a good pick up line and who knows how her life is going and as the song goes “you make me better” and is that selfish of me, I only want to do the same for her but how will I do that. Sorry To Bother You.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Episode 016 ~Sorry To Bother You~

Dear Future Wife,
Give Me One Reason to, well I’m a man, and you’re a woman, seems to me that’s what men are meant to do and how I can picture all the men that might have annoyed you, irritated, or maybe you were downright vexed, but I’m the one you said yes to. Forever and a day, Good Luck because while I don’t believe I snore, you more than anyone will learn how hard I work not to be a bother and you’re Cleopatra, Joan of Arc or Aphrodite?

Yeah, I’m sure, we’ve had this conversation before, I’m not one of those men addicted to his phone, I wouldn’t be so lazy, but I’m going to quote the hell out of movies, shows, music, and authors. I’m going to take so many pictures, so I can give you those Thousand Words that you deserve, and if I have a full-time fan, well you’re already well read, and I’ll Be the greatest fan of your life… would I honestly put that in wedding vows? Singing in the shower lets the dog know I’m safe while he sits outside but I don’t want to wake you since I usually get up early to write, and How Do You Talk To An Angel, big coffee drinker perhaps?

That right there is probably my most annoying habit, not the fact that I don’t drink coffee, I know where Starbucks is, but I am going to ask you are you okay, I’m going to worry, I’ll want to know if there is anything you need; half of that our love life and the other… *ahem* LOVE life. Sometimes I’ll wonder why you aren’t off saving the world, and when you’re reading a book, that’s a sacred time to the both of us, and when this world gets to be too much, I rather we be together but you know I’m about space myself a bit. You might feel it yourself, whenever I’m writing, maybe the dog is reclaiming his place with me, and especially when I’m wearing headphones, turning the world off just saying.

I want you to understand though, no matter what Baby You’re My Light and I don’t mean for only one song, a bad day, and that’s why I guess I get scared because I don’t wish to be one of your problems; I want you always to feel beautiful, to be the one you turn to. Anything to Make You Feel My Love and I’m sorry if I haven’t but like the first day we met, Sorry To Bother You.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 009 ~Peppy Poppy’s Twenty-One Questions~

As the song goes, I got 21 questions; okay let’s be fair, I’m still working on the number. I tried to ask a girl the 36 Questions To Fall In Love Once, but I’m not much to look at I suppose. “Peppy Poppy’s 21 Questions.”

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Episode 009 ~Peppy Poppy’s Twenty-One Questions~

Dear Future Wife,
Give Me One Reason to not believe you; honesty, loyalty, trust, all side notes in a Crazy Little Thing Called Love because I don’t intend on losing my heart again once you found it, my soul, as beat up and as damaged as it is. Maybe those are my first two questions. You have the heart to look for both, and when you found them, I trust you to take care love.

Don’t worry I’m not jonesing to ask you “21 Questions” I don’t even know what all those questions would entail since I continue to ask you only one and that’s why… what did I say about believing in you? I guess you could ask me the same thing, why should you trust me, being a fiction writer with my ideas, are these my desires, what do I truly believe in, seeing I tossed away faith? It’s Only A Paper Moon, it’s only Lady Luna, another way to live, to see beauty in the darkness, to pay the bills, though that last one was a bit harsh, I suppose people have lied to my face far too often. Writing can be scary, or so I’m told, but that only shows that it’s sincere, and you can believe me when I say writing is what I do. I do it because I love it and I’ll let you know I love you every day, I’ll write it down, and I will show it today, forever and always.

That’s all I Ask Of You, that you do the same, and I’m not asking for a full-blown work of art… am I honestly calling my work that, but that’s something, will you tell me what works and doesn’t, will you tell me if I scared you, will I wake up to I love you? When you walk away and make a promise with a sultry smile can I believe it, when you ask me something do you wish for an honest answer; when you stood by my side, was that forever and a day? How about when you’re peppy can I trust that to be accurate and would you tell me if you were hurt and if I’m in pain how I imagine that you would keep trying even if I were mad, also if I turned you away, still if I said I didn’t believe you baby girl?

“I held him close and said nothing, all the while telling him silently that he was loved. Oh, but he was loved.” — Me Before You

More than anything I want to believe you, I want to believe in you when I don’t even trust myself: you and the dog, and that our children love us, because being with you makes me happy; if I ask you 36 Questions To Fall In Love, Back At One or Peppy Poppy’s 21 Questions.

“I know we can do this. I know it’s not how you would have chosen it, but I know I can make you happy. And all I can say in that you make me… you make me into someone I couldn’t even imagine. You make me happy, even when you’re awful, I would rather be with you – even the you that you seem to think is diminished – than with anyone else in the world.” — Me Before You (2016)

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 149 ~Anger Is Better That Despair~

All I know is I rather not be the victim, and I don’t believe that all anger is necessarily bad, or at least that’s what everyone attempts to convince themselves of, and it seems like such an angry world and why not Anger Is Better That Despair.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Lesson 149 ~Anger Is Better That Despair~

Eighth Rule Madam Justice,
No Fear, indeed for everything that I do out of fear, anger… perhaps it’s what makes me the most foolish, but I could live with nearly anything else but despair. When I first began writing again it was out of despair but what makes me keep writing is this great fire, and somedays I don’t care what stokes it honestly.

Despair would have set in if I quit my job today, anger is what got me back to the real work and the somewhat asinine hope that someday I will be rich enough, ready enough, real enough to end the humiliation, degradation, and possibly the perversion of my soul. Now, what is it I said about stoking the fire, trust me if I was only as angry as I was today, instead of being as horny as everything, even my own filthy little sex romp of a novel isn’t a substitute for actual porn. Shouldn’t that make me angry, I am my own worst enemy most days which just makes everything else set me off so damn easy, but shouldn’t we all be angry with everything in the world today.

There is a poem somewhere about how the world will meet its end in fire or ice and don’t count me as any true interpreter Madam Justice but shall we drown in boiling seas of blood, or freezing lakes of our tears since we are doing nothing. Anger at least makes you take action even if that action is the dumbest thing in your whole life, what has despair ever gotten me. A hangover from sleeping pills or vomiting my guts out for a few days, anger can make you must industrious, how many industries do some build on it.

People talk about self-defense, but somebody breaks into your house, there will be fear and anger, righteous or not doesn’t make any difference does it. Liquor feeds off both anger and despair which is why I don’t usually partake, no benefit honestly, as if something out of Furi Kuri/Fooly Cooly/FLCL as Mamimi says “I’ll overflow.”

Perhaps that is the lesson, I rather hurt others than hurt myself, or at least that’s why it is a rule as I am usually falling into depression. Does that make me a bad person; well, I haven’t killed anybody, my hands are clean, but Anger Is Better That Despair.

I Will Have No Fear

ROAR Excuses

“Let no man forget how menacing we are, we are lions!” Troy – and people now hunt them for sport, taking away that roar and not just what was once thought the fiercest of the beast. “ROAR Excuses”, what are my reasons to not speak

He roared and lost his jungle
reminding me, what’s mine no more
So I grunt and I grumble

They oinked and mooed
but this is what I came for
How was it all I knew

as it rustled and was cut down
Am I not moved to my core
And I wore a frown

only for her to speak without a clue,
really… no, my smile found its way to the floor
“Skeevy, inappropriate, stupid, that’s you”

Then my cries became mumbles
My eyes they did tumble
Maybe I just needed food
After, my tongue shall not be moved
No one wanted me around,
unless I pretended to be a clown
a mine not enjoying the view
Yet there was nothing I could do
with the voice, I had before
as the lion can no longer teach me how to ROAR

Copyright © 2017, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

Baby Like Boom

That’s what it felt like, you know how your heart skips a beat when you see her and when you finally feel it again well… this is the way the world ends or begins again. Baby Like Boom, now let’s see what’s reflected in the rubble, one of her, I wish.

See Me Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnH3za6zLAQ

Tell me… “I’m somebody’s baby”
Since when do angels deliver bad news?
Beautiful girl, what’s it like?

You tell him “you’ll always be my baby”
or “Love me like you do”
Feels like a nuclear strike

And I’m waiting for my atom bomb baby
Waiting for a girl LIKE you
Because psych

There goes my baby
Yeah, when the stars go blue
Is love blind or does it look alike

Copyright © 2015 Second Circle Creations, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

Inspired By: Babydoll a.k.a. Emily Browning… Sucker Punch, Johnny Jewel Ft. Saoirse Ronan “Tell Me”, Jackson Browne “Somebody’s Baby”, Everlast “What It’s Like”, Mariah Carey “Always Be My Baby”, Ellie Goulding “Love Me Like You Do” Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack, The Five Stars “Atom Bomb Baby” (1957) Cold War Classics (Atomic Platters), Foreigner “Waiting For A Girl Like You”, Usher “There Goes My Baby”, and The Corrs ft. Bono “When The Stars Go Blue”