Gospel 205 ~Will’s The Breast Starer~

Once upon a time, Will saw something. Don’t mind me talking in the third-person. People as the Day Job are always putting words in my mouth. At this stage in the game, the horror story of my life begins with seeing something. Will’s The Breast Starer

Friday, January 22, 2021

Gospel 205 ~Will’s The Breast Starer~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and still, that’s not enough for me. Hell, I have family in banking, and I’ve never seen over 2000 bucks in any one place. I heard in a movie once (Lord of War) there are only two tragedies in life. One is not getting what you want; the other is getting it. So here I am, as the song goes, Sitting In Limbo. It’s been a week, and now I’m “praying” for the end of the month. Well, more like Meat Loaf “praying for the end of time.” Reading about Breast:

Breasts for a lot of men are quite an obvious thing when it comes to women. Um, much like the “facts” of this book. It’s not terrible but only evident, sort of like watching The Purge: Election Year or The First Purge. Is that why Breasteses – Why Men Love Breasts: …and other conversations about the male psyche is only okay? The concept that it lacks any subtlety. To me, it’s sad that violence is more acceptable than the ideas in this book. Again it didn’t bring much to the table. Every guy would know pretty much all of this.

Maybe I was fooled by the cover, but yes, I’m a dude. The front of Maximo Montoya’s work alone would turn most women off. If they got past that, it would tell them plenty that they don’t want to hear. It’s the world these days, I’m afraid to say. I usually read early in the morning, so I’m fighting to retain all that I learn. I didn’t have a problem here as I said; it’s like you know it all. It’s also a quick read, which should be good enough to give it a chance, at least. I’m saying, ladies.

Other than the sleeping six hours is kind of wrong, there was nothing new. Yes, it pays not to go to bed mad at your partner. If you’re a rich guy, women will think differently of your ogling and it kind of goes. I wanted to feel better about this book. I mean, boobs, what’s not to love, right? I would recommend this to the fairer sex for who it is intended. Not that I would give it to any woman I know, sadly. People would think of me as much as the author. Not excellent, but okay. TWO STARS sigh, Will’s The Breast Starer.

I Will Have No Fear

Gospel 198 ~Will A Medieval Hour…~

Is it the dark ages, the middle ages, the renaissance, the plague era? Somehow or another, I get up to read whenever, but I also want to learn. I’m a father who loves his son as much as Jeffery loves Galen, but what time is it. “Will A Medieval Hour”

Friday, January 15, 2021

Gospel 198 ~Will A Medieval Hour…~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so I should have plenty of time to read. How about listen, listen, hear, and understand. Well, first off, I don’t like listening to books I’ve never read, sorry Audible. Second I can go to sleep to “almost” anything. Yeah, I told myself I should stop reading in bed. At least I’m going to write a short review on this loveseat instead. Hell, what time did I go to sleep last night, and still I couldn’t get up at 4 AM? What did I read again?

Willing Trying A Different Alchemy
All that glitters is not gold. Sometimes it’s a fire in the night sky. It could be both the beautiful and tragic memories of the human mind. Yet it could also be the bedside lamp, the glow of a screen, and the dawn of a new day. A guy has to read when he can, and I’ll try to remember what I can about A Different Alchemy by Chris Dietzel. A story of a father’s love for his child mixed in with several tales of that father’s life. Heartbreaking and yet awe-inspiring in one. So why only three stars, hmm?

I enjoyed how the story is told through Jeffery’s eyes from both the current and within flashbacks. There is also a view of the world that has been decaying. All due to the Great De-Evolution which is going on. Look at it as the living dead meets “Me Before You.” Jeffery is a military man that undergoes a tragedy, and really how does anyone get over it. He runs in one direction. While the rest of humankind heads in the other. Besides the ability to get by on his own, he has one more advantage. It’s a tank. So he goes leaving his wife Katherine and the remnants of society.

On a personal level, the relationship between him and his son Galen shook me. My son isn’t a “block,” but he’s got half-blind. Oh, and I have to carry him around sometimes, clean-up after him, feed him, etc.

We see joys and sorrows of Fatherhood and then taking care of an invalid. This novel should make everyone think about what that would be like. Then imagine those invalids are the reason the world is coming to an end. It was too many of them like there were too many smaller stories I’m having trouble remembering now. Jeffery’s mind, the thoughts of his poor boy, will stick, though. Willing Trying A Different Alchemy.

Reading Will A Medieval Hour

I Will Have No Fear

Gospel 191 ~The Island Will What…~

If only my own thoughts were as thorough as my book reviews. Oh wait, what time did I get up this morning? Yeah, my Dæmon has a vet appointment. Plus, I’ve been reading and watching my country go to Hell. The Island Will What

Friday, January 8, 2021

Gospel 191 ~The Island Will What…~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and once again, I’m going to buy the best bed ever. Yep seeing as how I work from it all the time, and Hell, I know I shouldn’t. My island… speaking of which I owe a book review, so I’ll try.

THEY say no man is an island. From many a story of any man or an island, it rarely works out well. And whatever you do, don’t put said man and a pretty girl on said island. You won’t find a love story in Gary Paulsen’s work of The Island. Okay, maybe a tiny one. Yep between Our protagonist Wil, and Susan but that’s left somewhat up in the air. I find the author to find love in nature and learning. A young man… SIGH teenager all by his lonesome explains why this remains a favorite of mine even now.

Wil Neuton, a “typical” teen at 15, moves out to the boonies with his family and finds an island. No real complexity, and at the same time, one of those you have to see it or read it to believe it. It’s one of those moments of self-discovery every teen goes through, minus the good fortune of avoiding outside influences. Wil has the middle of nowhere to figure things out, but things can’t ever be thus. It wouldn’t be much of a story, cut to farm girl Susan, scared parents, a bully. There’s no outrunning life, but this book helps.

Now It’s rare for me, at least, to read a book that I relate to in such ways. Hell, I lived parts of this story. Most of it, I had no choice… “school” sucks, I know. Again everyone goes through this period at some point. Then yeah, “pretty, pretty, girls.”

The novel is full-on believable. Not the, oh, I’m suddenly a guru portion but the idea of coming into one’s own. The fact that thinking in new ways can terrify people, especially those closest to you. The whole somewhat romance being pushed to the side. If anything, I only didn’t like the tale sort of being left up in the air. I guess I got spoiled by the author’s “Hatchet” series, which I still haven’t read the last one. I’m 36. Where does the time go? The moon and stars, the basement, ha. But Five Stars, The Island Will What…

I Will Have No Fear

Gospel 184 ~A Few Words Will~

Happy New Year, but I’m still me, tend to ramble on too often, follow many writing rules nobody does, and confuse as all Hell. Of course, you know my views on the word Happy, but I am trying; it’s only one word. A Few Words Will.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Gospel 184 ~A Few Words Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, should become “I AM Happy right now.” Brevity is the soul of wit and all that. Still, I have to write four hundred words. Okay (takes a deep breath) Happy New Year, Lady Sophia. As the song goes, “Just Got Paid,” I’m working on downloads, and I found my favorite book in Kindle form. How’s that for gratitude starting today, right?

Now you’re saying I’m not sounding like myself. A talk with Lady Lu will clear that up. Let’s say that I’m trying something new and leave it at that. Of course, speaking, AHEM, it gets easier, I know it. No, um, I got to be me, and I literally need some air, but I tried. Lady Sophia, do you remember that movie, “The Pagemaster?” The way Macaulay Culkin had the three books? They were characters, Adventure, Fantasy, and Horror. I’ve seen this done in various ways and even in my writing, um, Gospel 170 Will Rings The Belle. So for a brief second there, I was thinking about giving in to one emotion, which was “Happy.” Yeah, no, Now I wasn’t joking about replacing the Billionaire shtick. That’s if I remember to. If I do have a billion, and by the end of my blogging year, I should get busy.

Speaking of which ha, my New Year’s Resolutions. Yesterday I brought up Log 188 Bold, Willing, And Able. Number eleven on that list was “I AM Speaking Positivity Into My Life.” I got a bit carried away, new year trying to ONLY be positive… Newspeak. Honestly, My Lady, I was beginning to feel like Alaria when Ian wanted to change her. Or when Veil told Sunny that we are slaves to our nature, something to that effect. While I was caught up not reading the novel I purchased, I saw this quote from my downloads.

“A man chooses, a slave obeys.” Andrew Ryan – Bioshock

Well, this morning, I chose to put myself to the hazard of reading twenty-five books this year. No wonder I decided to go with something safe. The thing is, “safe” is only one more word. Should I have gone “crazy” and fired my gun like all the other people yesterday?

The word I focused on last night after finishing my final book of the year was happy. You know that word, and I don’t get along. But one little word, yep, A Few Words Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Gospel 177 ~It’s Christmas, Willie B~

Do you really want to know what I’m doing on Christmas morning? Dreaming might be a good way to say it. Plus, everyone knows I don’t go a day without reading and writing, though today, Gee Whiz, It’s Christmas. It’s Christmas, Willie B

Friday, December 25, 2020

Gospel 177 ~It’s Christmas, Willie B~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so Merry Christmas. Fair Warning, today of all days, but I am a writer, “I give the truth scope.” I don’t like to lie, but today will be a work of utter and complete FICTION. Please understand, My Lady, this is what I want for Christmas. Yet, I can’t help but be honest (cough) negative? If it wasn’t Christmas, we would be discussing the language of Will. Next time, right? Instead, I woke up after a solid seven hours of sleep. I read, had hot chocolate, I’m listening to Christmas Tuneage…

NEAR Future, Will’s Christmas Story:
“Did you get any sleep last night?” My Love asks.

“A few minutes, maybe,” I sigh.

Too few, to be honest, and I don’t mean to be a downer, but I’m no handyman. Everyone deserves to spend Christmas with their family, so of course, I was left to my own devices. With three daughters, a son, one on the way, and my Dæmon. That leaves a lot of them to be put together for today.

And you, baby?” I inquire.

“Missed you but good,” she muses, sharing a soft kiss.

“Good,” I respond, pulling her gently as she smiles down.

“This good you speak of, it will be my doing as well,” she quotes from a movie, A Knight’s Tale. “Now read your book; the kids are already up too.”

Already I can hear their pitter-patter footsteps and their laughter. As they play by the tree even from the bedroom.

A few hours later, I’m stuffed but still wide awake. Boys marry girls that remind them of their mothers. Well, My Love can definitely cook like my Mom. Christmas brunch, maybe dinner, I don’t know how I’ll eat another bite today. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, chicken wings, ham, a literal feast.

“Katniss, Tris, Ember, Four,” my Mom croons, hugging her grandkids.

“Hey,” Tobias scoffs, knowing I name the majority of my kids from books, in this case, Divergent Tobias aka Four.

“Tobias,” she laughs as my Dæmon runs to her too.
It’s my family, Mom, sister, nephews, my BFF with hubby.

It’s been a good day. My wife would kill me if I said, “Another day.” Only I have all I ever wanted, especially when she slips back into the bedroom wrapped in a red bow.

“Eat your heart out, Santa.”

Flash fiction… Gee Whiz, It’s Christmas. It’s Christmas, Willie B

I Will Have No Fear

Gospel 170 ~Will Rings The Belle~

I’ve said before, I tell myself stories to go to sleep at night. When I’m not being the typical person. You know, diddling around on the phone, I review more tales or ask myself “the big questions.” Will Rings The Belle.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Gospel 170 ~Will Rings The Belle~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I can probably afford therapy. No, instead, I choose to live in books, to WRITE, and to hold conversations with myself daily. All-day, I’ve been thinking about the number seven. There are seven sins, days, people, and what now?

Of course, I look towards myself, my PRIDE with the Man in The Mirror, every Sunday. It hurts to know that he has not suffered as I have, but I’m a survivor, as the song goes. My grandma used to say I was full of pride… I don’t see it.

Now Monday’s for most, are challenging, which is why I engage in SLOTH. I mean, come on, I make a bunch of rules I don’t live by. At the Day Job, I wear the same thing every day and skirt the “laws” that I can outside this house around me.

I ENVY the man who talks to his Future Wife every Tuesday. He’s living the life of my dreams. He complains to her to make her run off, and why? Would he rather be me? Maybe he’s staring at himself, but it’s through the eyes of his beloved and so…

I’m still waiting for WRATH on Wednesday. I announce my sins, and someday I’m going to slip up and say something that will end me. M Anime said I might have a thing about powerful women like cops and soldiers. Inspector Echo is inspired by Inspector Carla Valenti, “Indigo Prophecy.”

Thursday, of course, is all about LUST. It’s a temptation. It’s Like slacking Thursday knowing Friday is coming. Truth be told, there was a particular website that offered free downloads on Wednesday night. I suppose Thursday I get to brag but haven’t been there in ages. Love and Lust, Dear Future Wife meets Dirty Diana.

So today is Friday and GREED. In case you’re wondering what any of this has to do with books or writing… The very idea of writing this stems from a book I read once, Lust: by Ker Dukey, part of the Elite Seven Series. How many ideas have I claimed?

Saturday is GLUTTONY. As Spotify has pointed out, AHEM, I’m just a “Sucker For Pain.” Hell, the whole reason I started writing this blog was that I feed on “Humiliations Galore.” Isn’t that Wednesday? Well, I need more, ha. Ker Dukey and Eric Vall, but how
Will Rings The Belle.

I Will Have No Fear

Gospel 163 ~Will Brings His Genre~

“What’s my age again,” as the song goes? My “father” was here selling my first car, which was junk, I know. Everyone thinking I can’t drive my second car. Only there’s a lot of things I can’t do, like writing. “Will Brings His Genre,” it’s been a day

Friday, December 11, 2020

Gospel 163 ~Will Brings His Genre~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, only not really. Also, I can’t share my writing genre with you because it’s not Thursday… ahh, Dirty Diana. Can’t say I’m in the mood either. Oh, you know me, but for now, I’m wishing COVID-19 took a heavier toll population-wise, SIGH. Once again, my Republican tendencies, and what a horrible thing to think, let alone write. Now we both know it’s a lot more acceptable than what I usually put on the page. It’s a sad state of affairs wishing death upon my fellow man. All because I hate DRIVING?

Sure I lost one car today. Well, my father sold it to a scraper or somebody today. It wasn’t like I was driving it ever. On top of that, the car I’m cruising in; well, I guess everyone thinks I don’t know what I’m doing behind the wheel. I’m not all Fast & Furious enough. Fury is one thing I understand far too well. Only in this part of the story, its purpose is to keep back the despair. I won’t go back to reading Dale Carnegie anytime soon. What about writing my own Self-Help book? As always, what motivates me. We can’t discuss it. Much like the book, I’m currently reading. Yes, it’s another one for the holidays by C. M. Steele. I can’t say I’m getting in a very festive mood. There was even a point in my life where I wrote some holiday poetry, but I was only seeing green dollars… NOT.

If I had been, then indeed, I would be writing a review for some miracle pill. Is that science fiction Lady Sophia? Some drugs will take my Fear, Fury and make me Forget about today. I do tend to write about how I imagine my future. No zombie overruns usually. Interesting, writing, and not writing are so hard. I could tell you all about the horrors of my world. Only you wouldn’t find them so terrifying because in my eyes you… I have Lady Lu’s look down, and I hate the man in the mirror but yours; seven deadly sins? However, what genre would I call these conversations? I’m definitely not happy. History was my former FAVORITE subject. I did try my hand at being a songwriter once upon a time. I’m a drama queen…

Bad endings like Far Cry 5, Will Brings His Genre

I Will Have No Fear

Gospel 156 ~Too Much Sauce Will~

Maybe I miss the Blazin’ sauce from B-Dubs; I would put it on everything. Only getting ready for Hell, though the book description I wrote today amazingly doesn’t sound anything like it. Yeah, just hand it to NaNoWriMo. Too Much Sauce Will.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Gospel 156 ~Too Much Sauce Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I can bring back Buffalo Wild Wings (Blazin’) sauce. Yes, I keep up with the news. I do remember the trouble last year—racism at B-Dubs. However, last Saturday, I went with my second best friend and her hubby. Now I know something was off. Nothing happened. I only mean I didn’t read they had Blazin’ sauce on the menu anymore. Speaking of things I didn’t read or wish I hadn’t. I’m still “salty” at Serra Hyundai. $500.00, no way. Now there’s still Coronavirus.

Of course, they’re not shutting down the Day Job because of it. Hell, I could use the money because of the “dang,” car. I’m sure there is a file somewhere showing a few pennies raise. Doubtful as Coronavirus strikes again, so as somebody said the rich get richer as so. Meanwhile, I’m no longer reading about how to get my Dæmon’s nail from out of his collar. Yeah, I took the collar off, but you know how he can be… I wish there were alternatives to, um, him hating my guts. He’s cuddled up with me, yet Depression lingers. He’s quiet, but my smartphone, with its bleeps and bops, is starting to drive me out of my mind. Sometimes it’s stupid emails. Others, it’s Twitter that I don’t want to stop because, as the song goes. “I feel STUPID.” I wish I had freedom like Elliot Page, formerly Ellen Page.

No, not like that. You can check every Thursday for the past few years. What I mean is, not living as you desire, having to hide, so much. It’s too much trying to cover-up what you really are. Which brings me to get some work done um, my book description:

Going to the chapel and he’s gonna get BURIED

An apple a day keeps a doctor away… too bad he’s marrying her. Win Bridgman, having buried his Cherry, is looking to HAPPIER days. Cuddled with the future, Mrs. Bridgman. Once Dr. Sarah Haven. But what’s the Garden of Eden when one has been to Heaven above or Hell below. At least he still runs “The Moondust,” which is now a family affair.

Between his adopted son, The Master. Evie Barrett, his daughter-in-law, the newly crowned “Mistress Moondust.” Along with his wife to be, the Madam. Why isn’t he HAPPY at all?

Saving Cherry hadn’t worked, and how long does it take a man to forget. If Sarah has it her way, he better not forget about one more girl she put in the ground. Most relationships began with a series of lies. Sarah’s and Win’s, however, was the fact she had forgotten her ole “Hippocratic Oath,” some time long ago.

She wasn’t the only one, from politicians to Cherry’s father. What of the new girls in town threatening her place beside Win?

Uh-hmm maybe, Too Much Sauce Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Gospel 149 ~Lies In Line Will~

NaNoWriMo’s last day is Monday, and I’m around 8,000 words short of the finish line. Do you even need to ask what I was doing on Thursday and tonight? One more lie for a story that will never be. “Lies In Line Will”

Friday, November 27, 2020

Gospel 149 ~Lies In Line Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but the one thing I won’t lie about tonight is THE END. Now I don’t know how many NaNoWriMo months I have completed over many years. Still, again I won’t lie about a conclusion. Dammit, so this last time, a hundred. Beautiful Sophia, I’m giving myself a one-hundred-word window. Hell, I haven’t even made up for last night’s debacle. Don’t I always mention how much I hate the holidays? Sure I have all the turkey I can eat, and my BFF is in town but still. Of course, I’m still reading.

With that in mind, I hope you don’t mind if I get some work done:

Chapter One – From Digging Into Cherry Pie (Win William Bridgman)
Chapter Two – Starting With A Second Banana (Evie Gabriela Bennett)
Chapter Three – What Once Was Cherry Condition (Sarah Annora Haven)
Chapter Four – When Life Gives You Lemons (Sarah Annora Haven)

Chapter Five – The Anatomy Of An Apple (Evie Gabriela Bennett)
Chapter Six – You Ready To Go Bananas (Sarah Annora Haven)
Chapter Seven – Ode Of Lost Cherry Picker (Cain Azrael Fae)
Chapter Eight – Apples, Oranges, Why Not Tomatoes (Win William Bridgman)

Chapter Nine – A Couple of Bad Apples (Sarah Annora Haven)
Chapter Ten – Apples From The Hanging Tree (Cain Azrael Fae)
Chapter Eleven – With Big Melons, Who’s Melancholy (Win William Bridgman)
Chapter Twelve – When Cherry Was The Bomb (Evie Gabriela Bennett)

Chapter Thirteen – As American As Apple Pie (Cain Azrael Fae)
Chapter Fourteen – Life, In Cherry Picking Minutes (Win William Bridgman)
Chapter Fifteen – In The Garden Of Evie (Evie Gabriela Bennett)
Chapter Sixteen – Crushing The Grapes Of Wrath (Sarah Annora Haven)

Chapter Seventeen – The Fruits of the Forbidden (Cain Azrael Fae)
Chapter Eighteen – A Hole Like Our Cherry’s

You’re not Inspector Echo, but I do ask your forgiveness, My Lady. I needed to see this written out in real-time to decide where I’m going. Also, you know how I write, for example, A Hole Like Our Cherry’s equals A Bowl Full Of Cherries. Um, I’ve lied to NaNoWriMo. Yeah, I told you I would. But I know Chapters Nineteen and Twenty now. The Plum Assignment and Strawberry Fields Forever. I need my music. I need to actually get this done, but instead, I cover. Lies In Line Will

I Will Have No Fear

Gospel 142 ~The Write Will Lie~

I can’t believe I’m lying to NaNoWriMo. An eight-hour workday, plus picking up my kid’s meds, a pet store that doesn’t sell the right dog food. Then we got food poisoning from McDonald’s, but I got to read, and he took his meds. “The Write Will Lie.”

Friday, November 20, 2020

Gospel 142 ~The Write Will Lie~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but isn’t that a lie I write down every day? How many times are we going to have this conversation? About the things, I shouldn’t make notes of? I swear, I’m getting pushed more and more towards behaving like a Republican. “Dear Leader,” to be precise. You know who I’m talking about, our very own President Trump. I lie about my wealth, going on for years now, in the name of motivation. I make a bunch of promises that don’t account for anything. The most damning thing of all is that I’m failing to produce anything.

Now you are not Inspector Echo but allow me to confess this. I lied to NaNoWriMo tonight or this morning about my word count. It’s not the first time, and I have always made good but not this Saturday at 12:30 AM. Long story short, SIGH I’m tired, My Lady.
Speaking of my novel, I’m on Chapter Thirteen, “As American As Apple Pie.” We’ve got an explosion, what it means to be an American. There’s some torture I’m not allowed to speculate on, considering what it’s about. So why not elaborate while I’m wide awake? The only reason I’m wide awake is that come Sunday, I have to write FAILED, once again on my first of Six Impossible Things. My Addiction kicked my ass Lady Sophia and didn’t I say “Wednesday” that I needed to stop being down on myself?

Yet another lie, I said that I showed up, only to be down on myself. After the days I’ve been having at the Day Job, how could I not be? I wonder what would’ve happened if I signed any form for an overnight. Now I’ve signed my death warrant workwise. Interestingly enough, if I’m going to talk about a crappy employee like myself, what about McDonald’s. If they gave me a receipt and somehow, I found the time, I would complain about the food poisoning I got there again. My sickness routine should remain secret? What I won’t keep hide is this fact. That I want to get to bed at 2:30 AM tonight. That’s why I won’t hold my promise to NaNoWriMo. I’m promising myself that I’m going to get a haircut at the very least. Also, get some food that won’t kill me.

If failing NaNoWriMo doesn’t first. Hell, The Write Will Lie.

I Will Have No Fear