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Episode 233 ~Will Becomes A Geologist~

I’ve never been one for shiny rocks, I find life hard enough, and if I ever publish a book I want so much cold hard cash, and as I heard on an episode of “Daria” money can make anyone beautiful, but so can Love On The Rocks. Will Becomes A Geologist.

Episode 226 ~Caesar Was Ambitious Will~

I think I was more like Brutus today because I completely butchered my feelings today but is it not ambitious to try once every week talking to the future wife, yeah that’s a job position nobody wants, Step Into My World. “Caesar Was Ambitious Will.”

Episode 219 ~Will Walk With Me~

“Run boy run” as the song goes and the sitting down only gives me more time to think about the job I’m running away from or getting kicked out of, what about exercise and then again Office Space much? “Will Walk With Me”

Episode 212 ~Tooth Of Will’s Smile~

Last week I said something about not being much of a talker and today, quite by accident I got a look in the mirror and found out why I shouldn’t open my mouth… better to smile with my eyes or even my lips. “Tooth Of Will’s Smile”

Episode 205 ~This Is Your Will~

I’m not much of a talker, somebody thinks I should be a singer, and I guess I should get better at remembering holidays, MLK Day was yesterday, and I have a dream too that my future wife is reading these but if I could sing to her. This Is Your Will.

Episode 198 ~Cold Outside, Willing Approval~

I don’t need your approval, what I tell myself daily and part of that is because everyone has already agreed to the man they see now and God help me if I decide to change or if some girl likes what she sees in me. Cold Outside, Willing Approval.

Episode 191 ~Just One More Will~

I heard in a softcore um movie once that it’s a disease this thing called love, and if the world didn’t need it so badly I’d go ahead and declare us all zombies, but that’s for one more day maybe? Just One More Will

Episode 184 ~Will’s Great Gut Instinct~

Tuesday, January 1, 2019 Episode 184 ~Will’s Great Gut Instinct~ Dear Future Wife, How To Make One Million Dollars, well it doesn’t start with greatness, call it fear, hunger, having guts and those are the things you can never show… Continue Reading →

Episode 177 ~Will, He Knows Santa~

One day I do intend to have a house with a chimney and a vast fireplace and be it the roar of the fire, all the wrapping paper, or my mom’s Whitney Houston Christmas tunes I won’t mutter bah humbug. Will, He Knows Santa.

Episode 170 ~Looking Forward To Will~

I don’t want a girl that only keeps me on my toes but knocks me off of my feet, and no I’m not one of those guys if anything I too lazy or too terrified to move but how often do I see someone so beautiful? Looking Forward To Will.

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