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Episode 086 ~Will We Be Rich?~

Now I’m not saying she’s a golddigger, but the way I dig her and gold as well, though could you get a million dollars cash in a briefcase that would be awesome and yet she carries my heart around. “Will We Be Rich?”

Lesson 296 ~Heavenly Trip, Save A Seat~

Heaven, Elysium, Home, just give me a room with wi-fi, sunlight, and a place for my dog and I think I’ll be comfortable right here but what was it that Luther Vandross said about a house; one day I’m going to be an old man. Heavenly Trip, Save A Seat

Lesson 215 ~Who Falls For Heaven~

I suppose it’s a good thing that Heaven can’t hear me, but that doesn’t stop an angel from listening does it, though I have yet to decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Who Falls For Heaven, it’s not a lie, I hope not, but I’m not getting in.


Like a door marked do not enter or maybe do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars, I have always been kept out or maybe I just didn’t want to go in. DO NOT CROSS… that red ribbon or maybe yellow police tape; what will we find behind it.

A Bit Soon for Paradise

Because I’ve never been loved by a girl… hell I’ve never been kissed by a girl and my crush is not just another girl; she has to be an angel. “A Bit Soon for Paradise”… because how else do I see an angel… coming down or am I “up” again

A Whole New Hard

Love is in a constant state of evolution, the guy left breathless, and the he stutters, then he won’t stop talking; the body too but much like the word love there is a part of anatomy that remains constant when we like someone. A Whole New Hard

What a Lovely Grip

Get a grip, I don’t love her yet but what else do I hang onto, I can catch her eye for a second, maybe a smile, she’s even touched me for a moment but while hope springs eternal it was not meant for anyone forever. “What a Lovely Grip”

Lessons in Falling

It’s not like you can just go up to the door and knock… I’ve never talked to a girl’s father so could you imagine knocking on heaven’s door as the song goes. Also angels have wings so no wonder one won’t fall for me but if she did Lessons in Falling.

Air Cupid

I’ve asked for a pretty girl, I’ve asked for love, I’ve asked for everything, but the courage to just say hi but better to ask for air itself. Others find love with my words, the invisible man, or playing Cyrano de Bergerac. Air Cupid…

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