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Grave Vocabulary

Words hurt, words kill, on one hand, I’m not one for politics or religion, some words though do damage on a more personal level I suppose, sometimes I wish we were more like the people of Pontypool. Grave Vocabulary

Rowing Or…

Am I really going forward, where am I going, and really wherever I’m headed do I truly want to be there at all. Rowing Or…; I’m no longer drowning but I suppose I was less loss when I was still in the water, for down seems so much better than around.

Neo Falling

Just when I think I see the ground I realize I have a bungee cord around my ankles or I’m the extreme wallflower hanging off the side of the cliff… I think I’m safe. Neo Falling… she has me falling all over again and I don’t remember the ground.

Love a Little Sooner

You just don’t know how some things are going to end and others you hope they never do. I don’t when I started to believe I would find love first and I still do but some say, nice guys finish last take that however you like. Love a Little Sooner

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