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Episode 181 ~Will Sticks The Landing~

I can’t stand it, the waiting, the hoping, even the falling is a tad too exhausting for my taste but if one wants the gold… it sounds like I’m going for the Olympics, all the writing I’ve done where could I go wrong. Will Sticks The Landing

Little Green Man

Evolution of man, or just a change in the weather, it’s still hot these days and so am I, but I wish I didn’t feel like such an alien in my own world. Little Green Man, well more a simple black man but why do I dare to dream?

Love from Scratch

I can make love out of anything… almost; a smile, a voice, eye contact, a bit of softcore and hardcore porn, well intention words… take your pick. Love from Scratch, when you’re mad and yet you know the truth or when you’re in the shower with a Fleshlight

The Distance to You

It’s why I’m still breathing… because she is so far away right now but am I running towards her or away from her; no clue. The Distance to You… seems to answer the question but I’m not sure I believe it and maybe I should just enjoy the air

Lovely Steps of Gravity

Love is blind… maybe but maybe not; I see her and I’m drawn to her but when she is nowhere around my thoughts constantly seek her out. Lovely Steps of Gravity… so why am I looking at the ground instead of looking in her eyes?

Happy Endings Don’t Splat… Sometimes

I see what could be happily ever after; I see my beautiful crush, so why would I want to close my eyes for even a second… a kiss and other things perhaps. Happy Endings Don’t Splat… Sometimes, maybe that’s why it’s better I can’t reach her.

Horizontal Planning

I’ve never been kissed… to be quite honest I think it was actually easier to put a man on the moon; people have faith, the world is ending, and love is crazy but being with me, now how would that happen? Horizontal Planning…

Noticed the Bedroom

Write what you know but if I finally did know I’d probably be so busy “doing IT” that I wouldn’t really want to write it down and if I did it would only be for her maybe. “Noticed the Bedroom”… well I notice her but will she ever notice me?

No Strings Attached… Or Wires

You can’t stop heartbreak when it happens, it happens, angels can be recalled, the sun and the moon fall only to rise again, but what about bombs? You can’t stop those when their falling, much like you can’t stop lovers. No Strings Attached… Or Wires

Digging That L-Bomb

Am I running from love… no but I’m in the dark, I’m alone, and the way love looks to me, the things I want to do; I’d ruin her I think, no girl could possibly go so low. Digging That L-Bomb… love changes us; I can imagine what my world would be like.

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