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Day Job

Log 035 ~Nothing To Prove To Anybody~

The lives we live or survive, some people have wealth, others have scars, some have only an inch of air in front of their face, and that in itself can be too much, why are they so deserving, am I? Nothing To Prove To Anybody.

Log 028 ~Always Be Prepared For War~

Last week I talked about people giving orders, but I once heard in a game “a man chooses, a slave obeys” I never chose to be this way, no I was a slave of my looks, my words, my desires things that make me want to fight. Always Be Prepared For War ha

Log 021 ~Give Orders You Would Follow~

Camp NaNoWriMo, well general NaNoWriMo says 50,000 words, so I get it done, Brainbuddy suggest a podcast, and I listen to a bit, and of course, B III demands his morning stroll, when will someone follow me. Give Orders You Would Follow

Log 014 ~Live Or Die, Your Choice~

Get busy living or well you know the alternative right and by now I should have a Master’s in ditch digging, though I truly wish I could be as smart as Jigsaw or even The Origami Killer, it’s more acceptable than my writing. Live Or Die, Your Choice.

Episode 295 ~Until You Know, Keep Asking~

I know a little bit about many things and while no one is a fool for asking when did silence suddenly come to mean “retardation,” and so I’m not talking to those people anymore but instead speaking to the Universe. “Until You Know, Keep Asking”

Episode 292 ~William And Mr. Saku~

I told my father that I have a few different personalities, none of them would ever benefit him ever, a common enemy and all, so it is with my characters, a plethora of pornographic passions or people I hope I never see again. William And Mr. Saku

Episode 288 ~You Only Have Your Word~

Allow me to look into the past this one time, I missed this Rule last week, but that’s what “Camp NaNoWriMo” does, let’s say I gave my word to write my novel and everything has fallen to the wayside. “You Only Have Your Word”

Episode 285 ~Will Is Cloning Around~

I love success, more than I like to sleep, though there is a part of me that wants nothing but a bed and by next month I’ll be in full recovery mode, with another first draft and as always, a million dollars. Will Is Cloning Around

Episode 279 ~Make Me Smile, Will~

Easy Street, that’s the perfect way to sum up my day, no day job shift, food in the fridge, and 2,600 words for my novel, and I’m not sleepy, as my motivations say, your purpose is the thing that stops time, so look at my face. “Make Me Smile, Will.”

Episode 278 ~Need Willing Positive Vibes~

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes, something I’ve heard this week. When I put myself into a “Happy” place I feel it and today; this goes against all my motivations, but people don’t want me happy. Need Willing Positive Vibes.

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