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Episode 326 ~Late, Great, Lazy, Will~

Would you lie with me and just forget the world as the song goes, but the Earth is quite a large place and to own it would mean getting up off my behind and taking it, but I’m too busy on my back, sleeping. Late, Great, Lazy Will.

Episode 319 ~Will Hates Head Games~

Don’t try to wrap your head around this one, lips, hands, whatever you would so choose because could it be possible I’m not in the mood after today started with quite the awesome dream. “Will Hates Head Games.”

Episode 312 ~Willing The Red Dawn~

So I did pick one fantasy, and it breaks my heart and how can I expect to stay awake all night for this, what will the bunnies/lovers say, that I’m crazy and trust my novels are something else. Willing The Red Dawn.

Episode 305 ~Will And Dead Lines~

Can I pick only one fantasy? There are going to be plenty of wardrobe changes and even more malfunctions? So here I am ready to do it all without energy drinks since writing and sex keep me up most nights. Will And Dead Lines

Episode 298 ~Will Doesn’t Buy Capes~

My hottest Avenger, it would be a toss-up between Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel off the top of my head but the bigger head has been writing, and with 50,000 words I can buy all the pretty clothes a girl wants. Will Doesn’t Buy Capes

Episode 291 ~Blue Balls, Purple Wills~

One of the first to see the blue sky after the purple I have been up so late, eyes open wide, pick up a finger put it down and then again, not to mention other parts of my anatomy as well. “Blue Balls, Purple Wills”

Episode 284 ~Six Degrees Of Will~

I remember that game six degrees of separation, and I’m hoping I can find those types of connections, throughout the universe, in my head, and especially in my novel these days, because a change of work would be just “Great.” Six Degrees Of Will

Episode 277 ~Green Around The Willie~

Still all about these redheads today and more so my green, how did Lance say in GTA, “your green and my dead brother’s white lad.” and yes I know he was referring to drugs, but we all have our sickening vices. Green Around The Willie

Episode 270 ~Will Read In Bed~

Green, Yellow, Red, though I have always been one for brunettes myself, I can name quite a few redheads that aren’t pornstars; well until I head to “The Moonlite Bunny Ranch” someday, write my book, make a movie. Will Read In Bed.

Episode 263 ~Your French Girls Will~

I have had so many muses, from A to B and they have all been pretty and wrong for me, and if it isn’t one bodily fluid, it’s another, sex and horror as Frankie Goes to Hollywood put it. Where’s an iceberg when I need it? Your French Girls Will

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