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Lesson 250 ~U R A Fever~

I can honestly say I didn’t expect to be writing this at the moment, a beautiful woman, a fantasy worthy of any porn but today I’m just the guy that couldn’t play the game. U R A Fever; was it because I’m sick?

Lesson 243 ~Don’t Pretend To Be~

I don’t want to pretend, but I wouldn’t mind dreaming just a little bit more, and I have plenty of ideas, only I don’t want to lie, and she shouldn’t lie either or even want to lie at all. Don’t Pretend To Be; orgasms are not optional.

Lesson 236 ~Doing It After Dark~

Someday it will all be in black and white, a BDSM contract, the book I need to write to fund my fetishes and the woman in my bed, and I’m not talking about Betty Boop. Doing It After Dark, how about an afternoon delight, Halloween, at the beach, etc.

Lesson 090 ~You’re Never Full Dressed~

Smiling hurts but when you choose to be the hero or even the villain, that’s exactly what you’re signing up for pain; everyone is fighting and smiling about it. “You’re Never Fully Dressed” without a smile as the song goes why my cape is a bedsheet.

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