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Log 077 ~Great, Just Be A Man~

I’m better than I was yesterday, but everything within me wants to argue you that fact and I need only wait until I get around some people and what the hell will happen to my manhood. Great, Just Be A Man.

Log 075 ~How Many Wills Later~

As the song goes Gotta Have The Money if you want to get the honey and that I have, well until October perhaps or the next pretty face; still makes me feel like a schoolboy but what’s my age again? “How Many Wills Later”

Log 073 ~Ahegao If You Will~

The only O Face I’ve made in weeks is Oh My Sweet Buttery Jesus. I should make gaming videos like TheRadBrad but as far as neglecting things I haven’t played Heavy Rain in a while, working on my life’s purpose. Ahegao If You Will

Log 072 ~Will’s Pretty A Mused~

The two things I sit down at my computer for, writing and women; whatever happened to my dreams of world domination I ask you but wouldn’t that be a major sin on top of everything else? “Will’s Pretty A Mused.”

Log 070 ~Just Wake The “Hell” Up~

When you’re asleep the monsters can’t get you, I heard that in Blue Gender but what am I going to hear tomorrow, chances are it’s going to be all kinds of Hell, but I refuse to lie there and take it anymore. Just Wake The “Hell” Up

Log 068 ~I Will This Year~

Here I am as the song goes, one more year and if you asked my honest opinion on whether I’m better or worse, well unlike our president I can freely admit that I messed up but next time? “I Will This Year.”

Log 066 ~Lust This Once Will~

Last week I said, Somebody’s Got To Do It and every day when I’m not living up to my potential well hell, I’ve nearly quit my job a few times this week for people treating me like I’m stupid and I shouldn’t be happy. Lust This Once Will, I wish.

Log 065 ~Get Off Will’s Lawn~

I suppose I should feel blessed. My “father” offered to pay if I find somebody to cut the lawn. I had a maid too once upon a time, and I’m looking for a new one. All Hell am I lazy or getting older. “Get Off Will’s Lawn”

Log 063 ~Winning Isn’t Fighting Our Hate~

I’m against the NRA, but for background checks; military spending is crazy, but I wouldn’t mind building an armory; not one for Jesus, yet the dead will walk the Earth one day. Winning Isn’t Fighting Our Hate but waiting to see what we love the most.

Log 061 ~Will To Learn Hmm~

Advertising, Branding, Photography, when I was in high school I did try to learn French “the language of love” for obvious reasons, in college it was journalism, which explains my research skills, hell my mom’s a banker. “Will To Learn Hmm”

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