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Episode 165 ~Will’s Reality Of Brazzers~

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; I’m sure they say something terrible about comparing yourself to others, and then I don’t want to be compared to criminals, but adult actresses beat out women in a lot *sigh*. “Will’s Reality Of Brazzers”

Episode 163 ~Will And His Pipe-Dreams~

The sweat of my brow, a want of video games and books, and plumbing my how that annoys me something awful, so that time of the year again, not Christmas, just getting by day to day, someday with a family. Will And His Pipe-Dreams.

Episode 160 ~Love, A Medicinal Will~

A choice, live your life with hate or love and embrace death, I’ve seen it recently “Me Before You” “A Million Little Things” and speaking of little things, my little boy won’t take his tiny pills, and my heart is too big. Love, A Medicinal Will

Episode 158 ~An Air Of Will~

Ball gags, panties, and girls to wear them that is me being nice because I want people to shut up for a while, my anxiety spiked today, and it was like I couldn’t breathe, and what was it I wanted in that moment, who knows. “An Air Of Will”

Episode 156 ~Love Can’t Will Time~

Honestly, it’s not NaNoWriMo making me cry, but I have been so out of it lately, and today I wanted to break down; I swear a shoulder, a lap, in a minute I’ll be like “B III” looking for comfy spots on the anatomy. Love Can’t Will Time

Episode 151 ~Buttons, Zippers, Tied Will~

Buttons, Zippers, Tentacles, oh my did I finish one more novel tonight, but I don’t pay for sex, maybe some women will… am I that confident that my book will sell? “Buttons, Zippers, Tied Will,” nope not honestly but my hands are free now.

Episode 149 ~Sea Will, Cue Waterworks~

Last week I was defending the house and this week t should be bedtime, maybe family time, and of course it’s the last week of NaNoWriMo, so yes plenty of writing and no dreams of the beach. Sea Will, Cue Waterworks

Episode 144 ~Get No Satisfaction, Will~

I can get plenty of food, especially today and I am grateful, my little boy and I aren’t fighting, and the little pests have all found destruction, still a speck here or there but my anxiety & desire… my sweet buttery Jesus. Get No Satisfaction Will

Episode 142 ~Will, Defend To Keep~

Last night I swear I heard a crash and I’m rushing to defend my first born with The Walking Dead collection, I can only imagine it would have been a million times worse if I had the rest of my family… but not yet. Will, Defend To Keep.

Episode 137 ~An Eye Of Will~

Eyeing my next line, whether it be my finances, the ant invasion, or that sliver of sleep I get before all of a sudden it’s morning again but for now thank goodness the only girls I’m seeing are in my novel. “An Eye Of Will.”

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