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Episode 352 ~Will And The Wardrobe~

The business is winding me down, I don’t think it would be so if I were in a line of work that I enjoyed though most women would prefer I don’t win an AVN Award or do business in the AEE, but today should I put on pants? “Will And The Wardrobe.”

Episode 347 ~Will Is Hanging Out~

How many days has it been that I have chosen to drown myself in sheets and not water? Well, would that be a bad thing; Thursday’s usually are, but all my dirt has gone elsewhere, but I do clean up nice sometimes. “Will Is Hanging Out.”

Episode 345 ~You Got Will’s Number

Killing two birds with one stone or feeding them with one scone. I hope my wife is more understanding than vegans or Peta perhaps. Anyway even Dennis Hof was married once but my ambitions. You Got Will’s Number

Episode 340 ~Will Takes A Turn~

Well back to women’s rights or a lack thereof, how I can read “Beauty in the Broken” and then watch “The Handmaid’s Tale” and with all the ideas I have I either neither tentacles or a train, thank you, “Rainey Summer Day.” Will Takes A Turn

Episode 338 ~How Will Tale’s It~

Well, I leaped today, or stepped in getting myself published for real, once and all, and will this one story be my happily ever after, I believe it will get me to Nevada (Happy Thoughts) it’s only a hundred poems. “How Will Tale’s It.”

Episode 333 ~Porn To Be Will~

Sharia Law, The Handmaid’s Tale, or all the stupid laws on the books these days, I swear, I’ve started blocking Twitter with my hand because I know too many people and tomorrow, well there goes my streak. Porn To Be Will

Episode 331 ~When Will Looked Up~

If I told you what my business was; well, it beats the alternative, and what word could I use, better to focus on being the husband I want to be, the lover, father, the man, who looked up long enough not to put her in my DVD. When Will Looked Up

Episode 326 ~Late, Great, Lazy, Will~

Would you lie with me and just forget the world as the song goes, but the Earth is quite a large place and to own it would mean getting up off my behind and taking it, but I’m too busy on my back, sleeping. Late, Great, Lazy Will.

Episode 324 ~How To Speak Will~

I could say anything right, though how many times have I told B III to shut-up and I love him more than anything, hell I love him like pancakes but what about if someone else wants to do the talking hmm? How To Speak To Will.

Episode 319 ~Will Hates Head Games~

Don’t try to wrap your head around this one, lips, hands, whatever you would so choose because could it be possible I’m not in the mood after today started with quite the awesome dream. “Will Hates Head Games.”

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